Tipping in Sweden

When it comes to tipping the Swedes just don’t bother. This is just as well considering how expensive a lot of things are.

Today I took a late lunch in my local Ciao Ciaos. It’s a small but friendly Italian place that does fantastic salads and tasty sandwiches. Today I took a pizza; I can really recommend the Hawaii!

I have been going there since March, they always smile and chat to me in Swedish because they speak little English. The way I speak Swedish amuses them but in a nice way.

Today I shocked them by giving them a tip. They seemed really surprised but I think tipping is a good thing, especially at Christmas. I don’t like the way a tip is expected in the USA and even the UK now even if the service is shite. I cannot stand places that include the tip in the bill. I do believe a tip should be given if the service has been good.

These guys deserve it as not only is the service good and the food tasty, I have learnt lots of Swedish food related words in Ciao Ciaos!!