Now I know I am in Sweden….

Its taken eleven months or so but now I really feel I am in Scandinavia. Here are some photos and a small video clip of what I saw when I looked out of my window this morning.

You can click on them to make them larger.

Oh and here is the video clip of snow in Stockholm well snow på Södermalm!

Today I am losing my virginity again 😉 Sarah Palin is taking me to IKEA as I have (coughs) never been. Well what do you expect 33 and never married why would I go? Oh well! Then she is taking me to Sigtuna which apparently is Swedens oldest town, should be nice to get out of Stockholm for a change and see more of this beautiful country. Dont worry Ma I will a big scarf and gloves!


Suits you Sir.

I am in Amsterdam for a day of meetings but back to Stockholm tonight.

It was really bad timing to leave though, I left yesterday afternoon and the weather was fantastic. Probably the warmest its been since I have been here. When I landed in Amsterdam after a particular choppy flight it was pissing down and grey!

I think I might like Stockholm in the summer!

I went shopping for a nice business suit on Saturday. I had put aside some savings to get a really special suit but you know what I looked at all the names but nothing jumped out at me at all. Sods law, when I dont have the cash I see lots I like. Then again I am very fussy when it comes to suits but I genuinely believe the style of suits sold in Stockholm are very different from the UK. Maybe I should have just gone to Saville Row when I was in London and had done with it.

Funny thing was I ended up picking up a suit in Dressman, I guess thats the equivalent to Moss Bros back home. I was happy to spend 500 notes or so on a suit but ended up buying one I liked for about 120 quid.

Todays Swedish Word of the Day is kostym  suit

Viking women reveal all…allegedly!

Viking Woman 

There are two questions I am constantly asked about Sweden

1) How cold is it?


2) What are the women like?

I have to say in answer to question one, I have only really felt cold on one occasion since I have been here. I am refusing to wear gloves and my North Face arctic coat until its really cold.

In answer to Q2? Thats not the sort of question a gentleman usually answers, especially when he knows there are some Swedish females who read this blog. I do think that after reading what Viking women really wore  (nothing like the above pic apparently) that  the Swedish women should go back to Viking tradition a bit more and wear the fashions of their female ancestors…. 

Unfortunately I have had to remove Montchans blog from the North, it appears her blog has been deleted which is a shame as it was an enjoyable read, hopefully she will be back soon.

Todays Swedish Word of the day is kläder -clothing