Radio Ga Ga

So I am now back from the UK, I wish I could say I was refeshed but 4 matches in 4 days plus whisky and crap food means I need to go on a detox. More on that soon.

I was faffing about in the kitchen the other day and as always I put Radio Stockholm on. Its not the most exciting of stations and the music is lousy but they talk a lot which is helping me to train my ear.

So on comes the Six O’clock news and I sat down in amazement as I was getting most of it. Usually I understand the odd word but this time I was getting about 70-80% of it. I was feeling very smug as it dawned on me that my Swedish is much better than I give myself credit for…the feeling of smugness didnt last to long.

Guess what…

The 6pm news is klartext which is the news in Swedish for Swedish learners!!!! They deliberately read it slowly!! Ah well at least I was able to get most of that and I should make a point of listening to it more often.

I did some reading up on it and you can actually listen to it online.  Apparently around 300,000 people tune it so from now on it will be at least 300,001. I cant recommend it high enough for those of you who are learning Swedish.

On the subject of learning Swedish I have decided to discontinue with the Folkuniversitetet course. If I had a 9-5 job then it would be easy but as I travel a lot its hard to commit to twice a week. I have just ordered a Swedish Linguaphone course and will report back on this method of learning.

Quite interesting today I answered a Norwegian colleagues phone and was able to understand and take a message, I love little victories like this.

Today’s Swedish Word of the Day is avh√§mntning- take away which is what I did with my lunch today.