Suits you Sir.

I am in Amsterdam for a day of meetings but back to Stockholm tonight.

It was really bad timing to leave though, I left yesterday afternoon and the weather was fantastic. Probably the warmest its been since I have been here. When I landed in Amsterdam after a particular choppy flight it was pissing down and grey!

I think I might like Stockholm in the summer!

I went shopping for a nice business suit on Saturday. I had put aside some savings to get a really special suit but you know what I looked at all the names but nothing jumped out at me at all. Sods law, when I dont have the cash I see lots I like. Then again I am very fussy when it comes to suits but I genuinely believe the style of suits sold in Stockholm are very different from the UK. Maybe I should have just gone to Saville Row when I was in London and had done with it.

Funny thing was I ended up picking up a suit in Dressman, I guess thats the equivalent to Moss Bros back home. I was happy to spend 500 notes or so on a suit but ended up buying one I liked for about 120 quid.

Todays Swedish Word of the Day is kostym  suit