Morrissey kommer till Stockholm!

Just heard the news that Morrissey is playing at Hovet on June 24th!

This is fantastic news!  I had booked to see him in Cambridge in May so I may get to see him twice next year!



(Turn and face the strain) as Mr Bowie would sing.

Shortly I am going to move this blog over to a wordpress self hosted platform rather than the hosted version. It means I will be able to customise things a lot more and hopefully enhance the blog experience.

It will mean this blog wont get the updates on address but on

I will give you some notice before I make the change.

Another good expat in Sweden blog

I just stumbled across The Swede Life another great expat in Sweden blog!  This blog is kept by an ‘American mother and midwife’ who moved to Skåne in July 2008.

Like Nics News there is a lot of family and kids related stuff which you dont get on this blog and is definitely worth a read.

I am really impressed with the numbers of expat scribes there are out there and some of the writing and topics covered are top class.

I have added The Swede Life to my links list.

Record Breakers

Wow yesterday was a popular day, our most busiest to date.

We had 745 visitors in one day which is double the previous record. The last milestone was set when I wrote about my impressions of a game and the atmosphere at Hammarby Football Club.

I think yesterdays record demonstrates that people are really interested in a Swedish Christmas and Swedish Christmas words.

So if you have any more to add please let me know.

Getting UK tv stations from abroad

I guess I am the same as most British expats in that I do get frustated with the local tv stations.  Personally I dont watch that much tv but  I miss Match of the Day, the news, the Sunday political programmes, Question Times, Little Britain etc etc

A lot of TV stations now offer their content and output online.

The BBC launched the BBC Iplayer which means you can download and watch any BBC programme from the last seven days.

I tried to use this but as I am based abroad it wont let me.  I understand why. I am not paying BBC licence fee so shouldnt be able to access it. However I would happily pay the fee to get access to some of their output.

Mark Base of Helsingborg recommends the VPNUK solution, he says its Mac friendly and very easy to use. He even rigs it up to his main tv, hmm now this is getting interesting. I am not that knowledgable on audio/visual stuff but this really is screaming out to be tried. There is a cost, around 150 SEK a month, but I would consider it worth paying if I could watch Match of the Day and Question Time.  Incidentally the 150 SEK would actually cover the BBC licence fee which I would prefer to pay but…

The VPN UK solution basically routes you through a UK server so the BBC Iplayer thinks you are based in the UK. As far as I can see there is nothing illegal in this but please point it out if it is.

Other than the BBC iplayer there is also HULU which gives access to US programming, that will be nice, I can get to watch FOX News then instead of the awful CNN.

I will let you know how I get on.  If you have any experience with any services like this please let us know in the comments section.


Let Me Tell You About Sweden

Swedish Christmas words

Apart from ‘God Jul’ many of the Swedish language books do not give a comprehensive Swedish vocabulary list for Christmas related words. I thought it would be fun to try and create the definite Christmas Swedish wordlist that we can all add to. Words that you may see or hear if you were to spend Christmas with a Swedish speaking family.

I have kicked it off with a list below that Ms Palin gave me and some of my own. I am sure there are many more out there. If you can think of any more Christmas related Swedish words please add it to the comments and I will update the main post with your contributions.

Sylta -jellied veal
Pölsa – ‘hash’ (not the kind some people smoke!)
Julskinka – Christmas Ham
Janssons frestelse – Sliced Herring, potato and onions baked in cream
Inlagd sill – pickled herring
Köttbullar – meatballs
Prinskorv – chipplota sausage
Grisfötter – pigs trotters
Edamerost – Edam Cheese
Sillsallad – herring salad – salad of pickled herring, beetroot and potatoes
Rödbetssallad – Beetrootsalad
Ål – eel
Lax – salmon
Gravad lax – raw, spiced salmon
Lutfisk – boiled ling fish
Dopp i grytan – lit. ‘dip in the kettle’, – bread dipped in the cooking juices of the ham.
Revbensspjäll – spare ribs
Risgrynsgröt – rice pudding
Ris a la Malta – Rice pudding with oranges.
Knäck – toffee
Ischoklad – ‘ice chocolate’ melted chocolate and cocoa butter
Mintkyssar – mint kisses
Pepparkakor – gingerbread
Mjuk pepparkaka -soft gingerbread
Fruktkaka – fruit cake
Lussebullar – saffron bun
Pepparkakshus -gingerbread house
Choklad – chocolate
Glögg – mulled wine served with raisins and almonds
Julöl – Christmas Beer
Porter – stout
Snaps -schnapps

Julklapp – Christmas gift
Lackstång -stick of sealing wax
Presentpapper – wrapping paper
Etiketter -gift tag

Julgran – Christmas Tree
Julgranskula – Christmas Tree Ball
Julgransbelysning – Christmas Tree lights
Stjärna – star
Spira – spire
Glitter – glitter
Julgransmatta –

Adventsljusstake – Advent calendar stick
Adventsstjärna – star shaped lanterns hung in windows over Christmas
Adventskalender – Advent Calendar

Julstjärna – Christmas Star (the one you put on a tree)
Hyacint – hyacinth
Julgrupp – pot of Christmas flowers
Vitmossa – reindeer moss

Jul – Christmas
Julafton- Christmas Eve
Julbak – Christmas baking
Julbock – Christmas goat (not a real one but made of straw)
Julbord – Christmas Buffet
Juldag – Christmas Day
Julferier – Christmas Holidays
Julfest – Christmas Party
Julglädje – Christmas cheer
Julgodis – Christmas sweets
Julgransplundring – Childrens party after Christmas where the kids strip the tree.

Julhandla – Christmas Shopping
Julklappsstrumpa – Christmas Stocking
Julkorg – Christmas Hamper
Julkort – Christmas Card
Julmarknad – Christmas Market
Julmust – Swedish Soft Drink brewed for Christmas

Julpsalm – Christmas Hymn
Julstäda – Christmas cleaning
Julsång – Christmas Carol

Dan före dan före dopparedan – the day before dipping day.(24th Dec)
Uttråkad -bored!
Packad – sloshed
Kalle Anke – Donald Duck. The same cartoon has been shown for year on Julafton.
bakis – to get a hangover
Jularmbåge – Christmas Elbow, what you get in the ribs when Christmas shopping!

And last but not least….Jultomte- father christmas, Santa Claus….

Motorhead Stockholm 08

Sweden, England and Wales this could be my new family crest?

Sweden, England and Wales this could be my new family crest?

Motorhead, Stockholm, 2008.  Wow, what a gig! It was my third time seeing the mighty Motörhead and they were awesome. They never disappoint and put in 100% effort. Its amazing that Lemmy is 63 and  is still cranking out thundering bass lines and croaking out the lyrics to belters such as ‘The Ace of Spades’, ‘Overkill’, ‘Iron Fist’ etc etc. I have included the full Motorhead Stockholm setlist below.

I have only seen Motorhead in Cambridge so it was nice to see Motorhead in Stockholm in a bigger venue.

The venue Hovet was an interesting venue for a gig.  Hovet ‘The court’ was opened in 1955, finished in ’62 and refurbished in 2002. It is home to several ice hockey clubs including AIK and Djurgården. Its capacity for gigs is just under 10,000 and 8,300 for ice hockey games.

I am so lucky living in Stockholm as there are some great acts here. Hovet is only about 20 mins from my place and I got there just before 9 to catch the last part of the support band, Airbourne. They made me laugh actually, good music and they really played the crowd.   I wish I had seen more of them. To be honest with the recent injury I didnt want to be sat for too long so thought I would just go and see Motörhead.

I am awful at guessing crowds but there was a decent turnout for the band.  Motorhead do have a very loyal fan base. I had considered not bothering going as I have seen them twice but there is that twinge of loyalty that said I had to go and see the loudest band in the world…apparently and boy was it loud!

I took my seat which was a good perch, at the back but centre. It wasn’t long before the lights went off and Lemmy, Phil Campbell and Sweden’s very own Mikkey Dee took the stage. It wasnt long before I heard those famous words ‘We are Motorhead and we play rock and roll!’ Bang straight into ‘Iron Fist’ a classic from the golden era of Motorhead  (1982).

Watching Motorhead live brings back so many memories for me. Sitting in my room as a teenager listening to Motorhead tapes. Back then I never thought I would get to see them live, they seemed a world away from my existence.

As I mentioned a few weeks back, Motorheads recent stuff is probably a bit too heavy for me though their latest album Motorizer is growing on me. I love the fact that unlike many other bands they dont just promote their latest work. They bring out the classics and as they have been around since the mid seventies there are plenty to choose from.

It was great to see lots of teenagers at the gig, in fact there were a few oldies as well. There were also some people like myself, clearly you would never think we would be Motorhead fans unless you saw us there. I am not sure there are many out there that love Motorhead, Morrissey and Richard Wagner!!

The new album has some cracking artwork (see above), Sweden, England and Wales are represented, maybe this could be my new family crest??

The next 90 mins, they kicked ass to be honest, a cracking gig and Motorhead always give 100%, I cant wait to see them again.

Here are two videos, the sound is atrocious bloody camera, I can assure Motorhead dont sound like this but dont think my cameras mic could handle Lemmys bass!

So here you go Motorheads Ace of Spades

and an acoustic Motorhead, much better sound quality though I wish I had captured more of this. I love the fact Lemmy is singing, playing harmonica and the drummer is playing acoustic guitar whilst playing one drum with the pedal.

Again my camera was crap in the dark, I really need to look into the one H2 recommends.

Motorhead Stockholm 2008


Iron Fist
Stay Clean
Be My Baby
Rock Out
Another Perfect Day
Over The Top
One Night Stand
I Got Mine
Thousand Names
The Chase I s Better Than The Catch
In The Name of Tragedy
Just Cause You Got The Power
Going To Brazil
Killed By Death
Whorehouse Blues
Ace Of Spades