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If you don’t feel like commenting (though you should as its fun and makes this blog more interesting) I can be reached at saw75 (at)


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  1. Hey, I am studying in Stockholm right now, and I saw your post about buying a guitar in Stockholm. Could you tell me where is the shop located? I would love to buy an acoustic or classical guitar.. Thanks a lot!

  2. hey!!

    I just checked your blog…amazing…I must
    I am on the exchange program in the Stockholm uni..
    so I am now in Sweden..
    I just arrived…around 3 wks ago..hehe

    I think your blog would be very useful for me..thanks..
    oh! Can I ask questions? hehe

    Any asian grocery shops?
    the chinese place is too far for me..I am staying in the stockholm uni campus..
    Or second hand book (in English though..) shops?

    There would be a slight chance that I might become a very annoying person to you…woúldn’t it?

    Anyway..Thanks 🙂


  3. look at this link sinbad:

    can you imagine how long this would last in the maes? get up there and guy fawkes it!

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