Min första svenska post…

Dave (Geordie i Sverige) säger att jag måste ibland skriver på svenska.

Så Dave bara för dig…och utan ordboken.

Jag heter Shane, jag kommer från Wales men jag bor i Sverige. Jag jobbar har i Stockholm, Sveriges huvudstad. Jag tycker om Sverige, det är en trevligt land. Min stor problem är…jag har allergisk med fisk, vad synd därfor det finns mänga läcker rätter här med fisk.

Jag jobbar med resor och jag är Area Manager, Nordics för en berömda rese website.

Jag gillar fotball, jag är supporter av Swansea City och Hammarby, Stockholms bäste lag 😉

Vi är bajen frän Söder…..


lost in Swedish translation again

Maud Oloffson, leader of the Centerpartiet

Maud Oloffson, leader of the Centerpartiet

I am trying to do this every week, following the exciting article on Högalind Schools ventilation problem this weeks article comes courteousy of the Center Party -Centerpartiet and a short interview with their Party leader Maud Olofsson.

About Me

What is so fun about politics?.

You dont have to feel powerless because you know you can make a difference but it takes time. The lack of power that people feel today is a scourge. Since the community spirit is a national movement this is absolutely amazing. You should not underestimate the value of having fun together when you work with something that is both difficult and important.

Why are you in the Centre Party?
Because I was interested in environmental issues, how to reduce inequalities in the world plus the Centre Party was so active in rural development.  The Center Party was attacking social problems from a global perspective and from the local and individual angle, which appealled to me.

Where do you get your enthusiasm from?
I think I got it from my parents. They were both very able and focused, especially my mother, who was really the person who saw the big things in everyday life. It is one of her positive traits.

What made you run for Party Leader?
I felt there were many members and supporters who wanted me to stand. I think it is important to show the need for women in leading political positions. Moreover, I received support from home, which was crucial for me to take on the mission.

Which political questions engage you the most?
It is tricky to pinpoint an issue as the one engaging me the most. But it is clear that conditions for small businesses and the viability of rural areas is extremely important to me.  Becaus,e without a thriving small business around the country we will not have the resources to cope with  future welfare needs.  We need to provide resources for care and health, for schools and to provide better care for our elderly.

Do you get any breathing space?
At home, the forest and nature around. There I get my peace and quiet and clear my mind.

When are you happiest?
Its little things like when I can sit outside in the woods with my family and grill sausages and drink coffee, and it is very quiet and we are together.  On a bigger level it is when I see that people still care about each other and not just be materialistic. It is so easy to forget what is really important, namely a more humane society.

What makes you really angry?
When people get hurt, especially kids. Whether its authorities hindering entrepreneurs, or neighbours who cause suffering to each other or if its the State that affects people. We must show respect for each individual, regardless of who the individual is.

What makes you sad?
That there are still so many people in the world and Sweden suffering but forgotten about. There are many people who feel they are outsiders  and have difficulty finding ways to make ends meet. They are hardly ever mentionded on  TV, radio and other media and they are rarely a part of the political debate.

There are so many people who do great things in our everyday life but never get recognition. I think of all those active in sports clubs, in the church, in the village organisation, in the local party work, at home district organizations of various kinds.

So, in short, all the charitable work done every day but rarely getting the publicity.

This interview was taken from an interview with Ms Olofsson on the CenterPartiet Website

So a lot of new words learnt from this short piece.

Mäktlos – Powerless

Påverka – affect

Mäktlosheten -The Powerless

Gemenskapen – solidarity/community spirit

Gissel – scourge

Alldeles – absolutely/completely

Underskatta – underestimate

värdet – the value

minska – to reduce

klyftorna -the inequalities

utveckling -development

landsbygden – rural

angriper – to attack

samhållsproblemen – social problems

tilltalade – appealled

Dessutom – moreover

avgörande – crucial

uppdraget – the mission

peka ut  – pinpoint

villkoren – condition

blomstrande – thriving

resurser – resources

välfärd -welfare

omsorg – care

bryr sig – care about (Lit. burn each other????)

samhäll – society

kränker – violate/injure/hurt ( I think it means to cause suffering)

Myndigheter – The Authorities

oavsett – regardless

medmanniskor – neighbour

sällan – rarely

uppmärksammade – recognition

One word I really struggled with was byarörelsen. I translated it as village organisation?

New Swedish words learnt this week

luktar -smells


påtalar -highlights ( as in to highlight something)

onödigt – unnecessary

ansvarig -answerable for/responsible

beslut -decision

biträdanade -deputy

kvavt -humid

klagar -complain

Det känns- It feels

I appreciate some of these arent in the infinitive, for instance klaga but I have written them here how I find them.

The worst air in town?

Ok not the most exciting or interesting article to translate but I will find some better ones.

Translation from Södermalmsnytt (Södermalm News)

The ventilation at Högalid School is almost 100 years old.

At Högalids School it is warm and humid in the classroom despite the winter weather. Both pupils and teachers are complaining and feel sick with the awful air. This is not strange as the schools ventilation is almost 100 years old!!!

It feels like we are low priority, says the Rector Sven -Erik Tunerholt as we have been waiting for renovation for several years now.

It is humid. When the sun shines it will be too warm. It smells disgusting. That describes the air in our class says pupils  Marko Sangaletti-Löfgren, Bengin Öcal and Joakim Sundberg. Teacher Pelle Flygare says that he often feels bad by the bad air when he has been in the classroom, he has to go out for a while and then go back again.

‘This is becoming more and more evident. At the start of lessons the air is ok but after 40 mins it is unbearable. Högalid School is behind and its a question of renovation, it is high time for it now’ he says.

Headmaster Tunerholt agrees with him. Since he started working at the school in 1979, he has highlighted the poor ventilation which is the same system as when the school was built in 1921 and that it should be replaced.¨

Got new governors.
It took time. But in 2006 something happened.
‘Then we renovated C wing but when we changed governors from the local authority to the education authority the work stopped’ he says.

So the air con in the remaining 10,000 sqm  is the same as it was almost 100 years ago.

‘Its so important to have good air. The allergies amongst the kids has increased rapidly and I think this gives us grounds to close the school buildings. I think its unreasonable that its taking so long to get new ventilation. It feels as if we are low priority. ‘

It is Sisab who are responsible for the ventilation at the school.

Why has it taken such a long time to make these changes?
Katarina Werner, spokesperson for Sisab, says that the idea was for the whole school to get the same changes as the C Wing renovations. But in order to keep costs down, we needed to co-ordinate the improvements in the ventiliation with other building work at the school. Because they decided to wait on the decision about school improvements and changes.

Waiting on a decision
So Sisab is waiting on a decision from the education authority.

Whats happening with that

We are looking into how we should develop Högalind for the future. Should the dance classes be under subscribed we shall transfer pupils from Liljeholmen and how should we adapt the school for these changes says Bengt Nilssons, Deputy Head of the Education Authority for Grundskolar.

So when can the ventilation be changed
Its a big undertaking, but how long it takes depends on exactly how big it will be. This is a little bit of speculation but if Sisab can do the work at the same time as the other changes throughout the school I think it will be winter 2010.

Original text.

På Högalidsskolan är ventilationen nästan 100 år gammal

På Högalindsskolan ar det varmt och kvavt i klassrummen trots höstvädret. Både elever och lärare klagar och mår dåligt av den dåliga luften.  Det är inte så konstigt då ventiliationen på skolan är nästan 100! år gammal.

-Det känns som om vi är lågprioriterade, konstaterar rektor Sven Erik Tunerholt som lär fa vanta på renovering ännu nägra år.

Det är kvart. När solen ligger på blir det för värmt. Det luktar äckligt. Så beskriver Marko Sangaletti Lofgren, Bengin Öcal and Joakim Sundberg luften i vissa klassrum på Högalindsskolan. Läraren Pelle Flygare säger att han ofta slås av den dåliga luften när han varit i ett klassrum, går ut en stund, och kommer tillbaka igen.

-Då blir det extra tydligt. I borjan på lektioner brukar luften vara bra, men efter 40 minuter är den inte det längre. Högalidsskolan ligger efter när det gäller renovering, det är dags nu, säger han.

Rektor Sven Erik Tunerholt håller med. Sedan han borjade jobba på skolan 1979 har han påtalat  för Sisab att ventilationen, som är densamma som när skolan byggdes 1921, borde bytas ut.

Fick ny huvudman
Det tog tid. Men 2006 hände faktiskt nagot.

-Då renoverades C-flygeln, men när vi i samma veva bytte huvudman från stadsdelforvaltningen till utbildninsförvalningen stannade allt upp, säger han.

Så ventiliationen i resten av den 10 000 kvadratmeter stora byggnaden är densammen som för nästan 100 år sedan.

-Det är viktigt med bra luft. Allergin bland unga har exploderat och jag tror en anledning är att vi har det för tilslutet i vära bostader.  Jag tycker att det är lite onödigt att det tar så lång tid innan vi får ny ventilation. Det känns som att vi är lågprioriterade.

Det är Sisab som är ansvarig för ventilationen på skolan.

Hur kommer dig sig attdet tar sådan tid att få den utbytt
Katarina Werner, informatör på Sisab, säger att tanken var att hela skolan skulle byggas om i samband med att C Flygeln renoverades. men fär att hålla nere kostnaderna behövde man samköra bytet av ventilationen med annan ombyggnad på skolan. Därfor bestämde de sig för att vänta på beslut om hur skolan ska förändras.

Väntar på beslut

Så nu väntar Sisab på ett inriktningsbeslut från utbildningsförvaltningen.

Hur går det
-Vi utreder hur vi ska använda Högalind i framtiden. Ska dansklasserna vara kvar, ska vi ta emot elever från Liljeholmen och hur ska vi anpassa skolan för förändringarna, säger Bengt Nilsson biträdande grundskolechef på utbildningsförvaltningen.

Så när kan ventilationen vara utbytt
-Det är ett stort ombyggnadsärende, men hur lång tid det tar beror på exakt hur stort det blir. Det blir lite spekulationer men om Sisab gör om ventilationen samtidigt some de ändra förändringarna genomsförs skulle jag kunna tänka mig att det ar klart hösten 2010.

Lost in Translation

I am now getting into the rhythm of Swedish classes, two nights a week, 2 hours per night and homework is tough on top of long working hours but it has to be done.

I need to put more effort in if I am to increase my knowledge of  Swedish. I need to watch more TV(thats going to hurt as I dont really watch much telly), listen to radio and actually translate some newspaper or magazine articles. I am at a stage where I can skim read most front pages and get the jist but I know need to step things up a gear. Växna anyone?

So I am going to type up the original article on here and translate it. It may help others, it will certainly help me and if any of you Swedes or Swedish leaners spot an error then let us know. Many site visitors are learning Swedish so I thought this could be fun.

I want to translate articles that are relevant to where I live, so I will use some of the free papers that come through the door. Starting with….

More funny Swedish words

I learnt a funny word today whilst doing my Swedish homework, its only funny if you are familiar with English slang words though.

The word is prick and is used in the following context. Vi ses prick fem! It simply means we will see each other at five sharp or five on the dot.

This does clear something up for me. Near the office is a cracking little unpretentious Thai restaurant, they do a cheap but delicious lunch menu. But the name of the restaurant is a little worrying for English speakers as its called Prick Thai which of course now translates to Thai food express or something i.e. on the dot or maybe thai food in a flash is better. They are super quick as it happens which is why I like them. However on looking for their website I discovered that prick is also a thai word for a pepper so may be a double meaning.

Anyway thats another funny word for you.

Todays Swedish Word of the Day is läxa -homework

If you are looking to learn Swedish online I can recommend the following Swedish language course review site

More funny Swedish words

I went back to Folkuniversitet last night to learn Swedish. I was rather happy as they moved me to a more advanced class. Its hard to gauge ones grasp of a language when you speak with natives all day so this was reassuring.

Carrying on with the idea of funny Swedish words I learnt a cracker last night.

‘Snabbel A’, this is translated into elephants trunk a…do you know what that is?


Yes the good old at sign. Vad roligt!

Who said learning Swedish wasnt fun!