Shane’s Swedish Christmas Day

As I mentioned in the previous blog post, the Swedes do Christmas on the 24th December.

White Christmas

White Christmas

We did get a light dusting of snow which always adds to the occasion. These were taken in the North of Stockholm, it’s a lovely setting I think.

cimg1728We were due to go and see more of Miss Palins family in Linköping, which I was looking forward to but my neck was not much better so I decided to bale out and go home to rest.


I had debated about whether to post the next photo. Its a bit like ‘Er In Doors’ in my favourite British comedy Minder, you never get to see her which makes her more mysterioys.

Ah what the hell I write about her often enough, here is Miss Palin….scroll down.


Sorry only kidding, there is a reason why I call her Sarah Palin, I am not going to divulge it on here but she hates her, which makes it even more funnier!

Anyway here we are….


Tomorrow we are off to Bandy! Now this is exciting I have never been to a game before, I have been told to wrap up warm!  Of course I will take some photos!


2 Responses

  1. Oh, she´s so beautiful. And matching glasses too! Does she have a sister?

  2. Hasse min vän. I have good and bad news for you.

    Yes she has a sister but she is married.

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