God Jul – Merry Christmas from Sweden.

Walking a Hammarby wonderland!

Walking in a Hammarby wonderland!

I wont be posting as much as usual but I will be blogging sporadically over the holidays.  I dont go back to work until Jan 7th, bliss!  I am trying to get some quality time away from the computer.

I have a 4 kilo turkey to cook, a whole wheel of Y Fenni cheese to devour, Mike Huckabees ‘Do the Right Thing’ to read through, Rock Band 2 to drum to my hearts content, oh and Christmas with Ms Palins family in Stockholm.

This is a different kind of Christmas for me.  I usually use it as a chance to really wind down, catch up with DVDs, books, cd’s etc  This year of course its my first Swedish Christmas so it will be interesting, will be nice to catch a Christmas Bandy game as well!

To all my readers, both regulars and those who pop in from time to time, thank you for your support!

Lots of good blog posts planned for next year!



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  1. God Jul, Shane och Gott Nytt År!

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