Tipping in Sweden

When it comes to tipping the Swedes just don’t bother. This is just as well considering how expensive a lot of things are.

Today I took a late lunch in my local Ciao Ciaos. It’s a small but friendly Italian place that does fantastic salads and tasty sandwiches. Today I took a pizza; I can really recommend the Hawaii!

I have been going there since March, they always smile and chat to me in Swedish because they speak little English. The way I speak Swedish amuses them but in a nice way.

Today I shocked them by giving them a tip. They seemed really surprised but I think tipping is a good thing, especially at Christmas. I don’t like the way a tip is expected in the USA and even the UK now even if the service is shite. I cannot stand places that include the tip in the bill. I do believe a tip should be given if the service has been good.

These guys deserve it as not only is the service good and the food tasty, I have learnt lots of Swedish food related words in Ciao Ciaos!!


3 Responses

  1. Well, perhaps we’d bother with tipping at Ciao Ciao’s if their lunches weren’t so overpriced! have you noticed that in the last 12 months the price has gone from 79 to 95 kr? That leaves NO room for tipping. No wonder they love you! 😉

    Oh, and their Hawaii truly is the best!

    • Well thats because you go to Ciao Ciao Grande. The one on Östermalmsgatan is cheaper. I think its 75 SEK for lunch, their sandwiches are 52 SEK for the big ones so really good value after all.

      I think you come from Småland Miss Palin!

  2. Grande doesn’t doesn’t have sandwiches, and 79 and 95 kr are way different. Perhaps their pizzas are worth it but certainly not their pasta dishes, and they quite obviously don’t know what a ceasar salad is!

    Småland (=snål) my ass! Prismedveten is more like it.

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