Record Breakers

Wow yesterday was a popular day, our most busiest to date.

We had 745 visitors in one day which is double the previous record. The last milestone was set when I wrote about my impressions of a game and the atmosphere at Hammarby Football Club.

I think yesterdays record demonstrates that people are really interested in a Swedish Christmas and Swedish Christmas words.

So if you have any more to add please let me know.


5 Responses

  1. Well done!

    I’m delighted when I get five readers per day! Maybe I should change my language and stop writing about physics and stumpy cats….

  2. Thanks Dave! Yeah I was really surprised to see that spike!

    Quality is always better than quantity and where would be without physics….. 😉

  3. I am thinking about moving to Sweden and wondered how easy it is to set up a blog so I could keep in touch with friends and family? You obviously know how to write, as you seem to engage the reader and also be informative so its no suprise that you have excelled with your blog.

  4. Hi Susie

    I would definitely recommend a blog. It makes telephone calls so much easier as you dont have to explain everything several times to different people.

    They can just read about it on the blog.

    A blog can be very easy to set up. It might look a bit complicated but the more you use it the easier it is.

    I wholeheartedly recommend WordPress, go to and sign up. Feel free to get in touch with me if you get stuck with anything.

  5. Thanks alot. I might be calling on you for assistance as I am not exactly IT literate. Think I will have to look into that and try to find a course.

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