Getting UK tv stations from abroad

I guess I am the same as most British expats in that I do get frustated with the local tv stations.  Personally I dont watch that much tv but  I miss Match of the Day, the news, the Sunday political programmes, Question Times, Little Britain etc etc

A lot of TV stations now offer their content and output online.

The BBC launched the BBC Iplayer which means you can download and watch any BBC programme from the last seven days.

I tried to use this but as I am based abroad it wont let me.  I understand why. I am not paying BBC licence fee so shouldnt be able to access it. However I would happily pay the fee to get access to some of their output.

Mark Base of Helsingborg recommends the VPNUK solution, he says its Mac friendly and very easy to use. He even rigs it up to his main tv, hmm now this is getting interesting. I am not that knowledgable on audio/visual stuff but this really is screaming out to be tried. There is a cost, around 150 SEK a month, but I would consider it worth paying if I could watch Match of the Day and Question Time.  Incidentally the 150 SEK would actually cover the BBC licence fee which I would prefer to pay but…

The VPN UK solution basically routes you through a UK server so the BBC Iplayer thinks you are based in the UK. As far as I can see there is nothing illegal in this but please point it out if it is.

Other than the BBC iplayer there is also HULU which gives access to US programming, that will be nice, I can get to watch FOX News then instead of the awful CNN.

I will let you know how I get on.  If you have any experience with any services like this please let us know in the comments section.


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  1. Hello, thanks for such a glowing reference! Can I just add a couple more points..

    First off, its not just the BBCiPlayer that the service works with, there is also the Geographically locked software Zattoo which can be used to watch LIVE UK TV. Whilst on the subject of Live UK TV TVCatchup have a good servervice as well available from their website at: Then you have the likes of and of course HULU at All of these offer a mix of Live and on demand TV.

    A VPNUK Shared IP account has a total of 5 VPN IP’s for you to choose from, you get access to all 5 from just one account! Three are based in the UK, one is in the US and one in Canada.

    Did I mention that you can also share the Shared IP account with up to 6 friends?


  2. hotspot sheild spoofar en amerikansk ip-adress annars, funkar på hulu och det är gratis.

  3. Not sure if you were kidding, but I don’t know how much better Fox News is compared to CNN….they’re both pretty awful.

  4. Well I like debate shows and documentaries and like to have both sides of view. Yes FOX is pro GOP but then CNN was so pro the Democrats. I like to make my own mind up by watching both sides.

  5. Thanks Gabe and Danny, I will definitely be checking this out over the Christmas holiday and post up a review for other expats who may be interested.

  6. Hey there, I am also a brit located in stockholm who has been looking to find a solution in regards for tv also!

    I have tried a few of these vpn ip services on my mac and they have all failed me so far.

    I just wish I could fit a satellite dish to the top of the house without the neighbors finding out lol

    If you find any solutions please email me.



  7. Would be great to read your review in this issue.
    I so miss the BBC in France.

  8. Hi Mark

    Another Mark, In Helsingborg has managed to get it working with a Mac so hopefully it will work for us both.

    Lisa, I will definitely let you know how I get on!

    Will do this during the Christmas holidays, have to try and get the Queens Speech somehow 😉

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