Stockholm Christmas Shopping

Did  a spot of midweek shopping last week with Sarah.  To be honest its rare I just shop around it’s nice to do this with no time pressures.

We wandered through a Christmas Market at Sergels Torg.  I ended up spending a small fortune on cheese. Picked up some great Dutch goat cheese one with pesto and the other with garlic and nettles. Both of them are very tasty I managed to get hold some of lovely French cheese, it was the priciest of the lot but tastes fantastic.  At Christmas  I do tend to indulge my cheese habit, I prefer it to chocolate.

The Christmas market focussed on stands from all over the world so it was nice to see the British represented (see below)

Christmas Market Stockholm

Christmas Market Stockholm

We then hit a toy shop. It was like Aladdins cave in there. I can’t remember the last time I was in a toy shop so here are some of the presents I would have loved as a kid!

We then went to a nice Thai place that Sarah knew. The great thing about Sweden is that there are Thai restaurants everywhere. This place was called Wokhouse, The menu was very good, Thai places can get a bit monotonous but they had all sorts here including ostrich!  So I was straight onto that. Looks good eh? It tasted fantastic!

Ostrich Thai Curry

Ostrich Thai Curry

Todays Swedish Word of the Day is Struts-ostrich


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