It had to happen someday

I have through this blog been very complimentary about Stockholms transport network. In London a week would not go by without some sort of disruption.

Yesterday was the first time my journey home was delayed.

There was a fire in the tunnel at my local underground station Mariatorget. So the red line was down for most of yesterday.  It was pretty chaotic at Karlaplan. It took me well over an hour to get home when its usually around 25 mins.

Of course, it was an accident this couldnt be helped but what annoyed me was the local transport staff. Is it just me or do most public transport officials get their customer service skills from the ‘Josef Stalin School of Charm.’  There must be a global college for this because it seems public transport officials are the same the world over.

The guy was pretty rude to me in Swedish, all I wanted to know was what bus to take. There were no signs or assistance. Ordinarily I would have taken a walk home but it was pissing down and cold.

I eventually found out that I had to get the number 4 bus, but I had to go the other side of the station. I found this out from a local passerby wheras the Station Commissar was still throwing me evil looks.  Maybe his girlfriend had run off with a Brit or something, anyway I gave him a piece of mind, in English expletives included.

In fairness I am still delighted with the transport system in Stockholm. This is the first major disruption in 11 months, cant be bad?


One Response

  1. First time in trouble with SL in 11 months.
    You really should use the “pendeltåg” more often.
    Delayed everyday, so you’ve been lucky =)

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