Bring back public smoking!

Camilla Lindberg (fp)

Camilla Lindberg (fp)

I rarely shout out ‘well done’ when I read what politicians are saying thesedays.

This morning was an exception.

I was pleased to read that a Swedish Liberal Party MP, Camillia Lindberg has spoken out against the smoking in public ban.  Now let me make this clear, I am an ex-smoker, in my heyday I used to puff my way through 40 fags a day(thats cigarettes for you North Americans – dont get any funny ideas!)

Yes a disgusting habit and even to this day I am amazed how I went from 40 to 0 overnight, straight cold turkey. I had to give up smoking.

However what I really dislike is government telling business that they are not allowed to have smoking in or on their premises. Or the health fascists telling us we cant smoke on our balconies. Where will it stop? Our own homes?

Don’t get me wrong I like the fact that when I go to a bar or club that its smoke free. I would hate to go to a smoke filled bar now, and I certainly noticed the difference when I was in Eastern Europe.

But…here is my gripe.

I really feel the health fascists should have allowed some smoking premises to remain open. They should have allowed some businesses to be designated ‘smoking’ pubs if they so wished. I am sure many smokers would have opted for these boozers and restaurants.

I remember in England that the argument was the bar staff are forced to work in smokey unhealthy conditions. True, but a lot of the bar staff I know used to smoke like chimneys themselves. Also smoking bar staff could decide to work in a designated smoking bar…its all about choice.  I want to make that choice for myself rather than the State.

Well done Camilla Lindberg, maybe these Folkpartiet are worth supporting…..

Ms Lindberg seems to me to be the kind of liberal I can support. The word ‘liberal’ is very ambigious and it has a different meaning on where you live, a North American Liberal is very different from a British Liberal or an Australian Liberal for instance. Ms Lindberg was the only MP outside of the Socialist Bloc here to vote against the controversial surveillance bill.  Shame there arent more like Ms Lindberg who have their own minds and not afraid to speak out.

I have always labelled myself a classic liberal, which is one of the reason I backed John McCain and not Obama, It was something close friends couldnt understand.


2 Responses

  1. Tell me about it! Recently saw this hand written note stuck at the entrance of a building (apartments not office building) in Paris, ‘No smoking. Please cross the street or get some help to stop smoking’. Guess what? MC just light one and stopped there for a few minutes! 😉

  2. I heard on BBC Radio 1 this morning that they are considering a ban on selling cigarettes in stores in the UK now. I was a bit puzzled about where, exactly, they would be selling them if such a ban went into effect. Good thing I’m not a smoker, or I’d really be confused!

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