Stockholm Julbord -Swedish Christmas Dinner

Stockholm Julbord

Stockholm Julbord

Tomorrow a client has invited a colleague and for a Julbord at Carlshållsgård in Långholmen. Check out their website great video clip of Långholmen.

Julbord translates as ‘Christmas Table’ and is a seasonal version of the more famous smorgasbord. It usually consists of several courses including…

The first course consists of the cured salmon, pickled herring and eel in sauce! Hmm I have a fish allergy, I think I will wait outside or sip on some glögg!

The second course of a selection consists of cold meats, such as roast beef, and julskinka (Christmas ham). Sliced Cheese, cucumbers and liver pate are often eaten on top of hard bread. Really not a fan of liver but the rest is more like it! Looking forward to trying julskinka!

The third course of hot dishes include köttbullar (Swedish  meatballs), prinskorv (small sausages), fläskkorv (pork sausages), isterband (smoked pork and potato sausages), kåldolmar (meat stuffed cabbage rolls), all good up to this point!  Jellied pigs’ feet – cant say I like the sound of that, lutfisk -cod in white sauce, I will give that a sweve, revbenspjäll (oven-roasted pork ribs) back on track here!, and Janssons frestelse (literally “Jansson’s Temptation”, a baked dish of matchstick potatoes layered with cream, onion and sprats). Side dishes include beetroot salad and warm stewed red cabbage. Okwill have to give the sprats the elbow as well

Julbord desserts include risgrynsgröt, rice porridge sprinkled with cinnamon powder. Fantastic!

Apparently an almond is hidden in the bowl of rice porridge and whoever finds it gets good luck. There is also a traditional saying that the one who gets the almond will get married within a year. Maybe I need to develop a porridge allergy then 😉

I hope my clients wont mind me taking some pics for you all!


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