Motorhead Tickets Stockholm

I deliberated over this one but I felt that I couldnt let them down.

The most iconic living rock star and his two sidekicks, Phil and Mikkey are coming to Stockholm. Yes you’ve guessed Mr Lemmy Kilmister and his infamous band Motorhead are playing here and I bought a ticket.

They are a bit like Iron Maiden for me, a band from my teenage years that are still rocking and rolling. Its incredible to think that Motorhead were formed the same year I was born and have been going for 33 years! Even more incredible is the fact that Lemmy is actually 63 !

If I am honest I have most of the Motorhead albums but I am more of a fan of their older stuff, the newer stuff is too heavy for me.

The gig is on at Hovet, and as I am the same age as Motorhead I will be taking a seat for this one. I always used to go to the front for gigs but it would take something special for me to do that now.

I booked the tickets online using ticnet, I like the fact they have outlets where you can pick them up. My nearest one is the Hammarby club shop on Hornsgatan. You can also pick them up from any of the betting shops with the sign ATG.


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