Happened this past week

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. Its been a hectic one work wise, lots of things going on.

Well the snow has gone, nice while it lasted and I am just pleased to have got through it without falling over. Its my main fear of slipping as there seems to be a lot of accidents with ice here.



This week I had some Pyttipanna, its a very Swedish dish and it reminds me of a cross between corn beef hash and the infamous bubble and squeak. Pyttipanna basically means leftovers in a pan so I guess it was developed on the same lines as bubble and squeak. That is, all the leftovers stuck in a pan and friend up.

Pyttipanna consists of onions, potatoes, sausage or ham. Usually comes with beetroot and a fried egg on the top. One place I went to served it with a raw egg which I was edgy about it, I prefer it friend and sitting proudly on the top as this one was.

Its also called ‘hänt i veckan’ happened this past week.

Todays Swedish word of the Day is rödbetor -beetroot


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