Let it snow let it snow let it snow

The view from Gov. Palins mansion.

The view from Gov. Palins mansion.

Following in on from my quick post yesterday morning there is a whole host of snowy Sweden photos you can see here.

We actually had a fun day! I took the bus to Lilla Essingen to meet Sarah and then we headed out to Barkaby. I made my debut at IKEA and left with just some tea towels! I was rather impressed with IKEA but I really dont want to think about any of this until I have decided to buy and then found a place. We will see what happens in the new year.

There is an outlet centre at Barkaby where the prices were much cheaper than the city. Sarah has recommended that I purchase some long johns if I intend to watch some Bandy, so I bought some of those (something very few Brits would ever own up to owning let alone wearing!) and a nice scarf. Sarah doesnt think I look so suarve in my Hammarby one 😉

We then picked up Sarahs niece and went over to Sigtuna. Unfortunately it was quite dark when we got there and my camera is rubbish in the dark. I need a good one, any recommendations? It was a lovely quaint place and as Dennis commented its Swedens first capital. Definitely requires another visit as there seems to be a lot of history there.

I then spent the rest of the day watching football at Sarahs’ sister, I think I need Canal Plus!

What has amazed me here is how well prepared the Swedes are for snow. The gritters were out straight away, there is no drama on the roads, and the Swedes obviously have a special wardrobe that just has winter gear in it.  Today all we saw was kids out with their fathers on sledges! Stockholm is very pretty in the snow, very Christmas Card.

I wonder how much more we will get….

Todays Swedish Word of the Day is pulka- sledge.

7 Responses

  1. Lovely photos! It is nice to see how the Swedes just get on with winter, without all the wailing and frantic trips to the grocery store that seem to grip us Americans at the first hint of a snowflake (well, at least where I live). On the other hand, I can live without sweeping all that grit out of the hallways . . .

  2. I love the snow as it is something quite exotic for someone from Downunder 🙂

    We’ve just bought the Pentax K20D (review at http://www.trustedreviews.com/digital-cameras/review/2008/04/18/Pentax-K20D-digital-SLR/p7) Best price was from FotoKungen. One of the principal reasons for getting a new camera was that our older one just couldn’t handle the darker shots, which this one handles with ease.

    Have you made a snow angel yet? That’s a must do…

  3. I think this is a good choice of compact digital camera. And it has an optical viewfinder which makes it easy to take pictures when you’re out in the sunshine and it’s difficult to see the LCD-screen. Shutter speed down to 15 seconds so you can take night photos.


  4. They both look good. I have to say I am not too up on cameras.

    This is the one I have now:


    It came highly recommended but I cant say I have been happy with it. How does it compare to the one you recommend H2?

    The pentax looks good but a bit out of my budget to be honest. Also I want a camera that can slip into my pocket easily. I see a lot of things when I am out and about that I think would be useful on my blog.

  5. I have sent you an email on your Yahoo address

  6. Hi shane!
    I found you on google =). I’m a swedish girl living in Swansea for the moment, and was wondering if there is any swedes at all here? Do you know?
    Regards Charlotta

  7. Hej Charlotta

    Jag är ledsen men jag har inte bott i Swansea sedan 15 ar. Jag vet inte nagon svenska folk som bor dä 😦


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