Swedish Grammar….

Yeah I know boring subject but essential when learning Swedish or any other language for that matter.

I know I try and tag a new Swedish word onto most posts but I am going to try and make a weekly post on Swedish Grammar as without it the vocab is useless.  The words are like the bricks but the grammar is the cement that holds it all together….


2 Responses

  1. I’m no certainly no expert in grammar but I find I can usually write most things correctly (though I’m far from perfect).

    I never took any Swedish courses but I like to read and listen to Swedish and I guess I just learned via osmosis and practice how to phrase things. Keeping a regular blog in Swedish also helps. Note to any Swedes who happen to look at it – I know the language isn’t perfect!!

    One trick I used when writing was to google a phrase in inverted commas.

    For example, the phrase “the old man” is “den gamla mannen” in Swedish. This wins the google competition (2810 hits) compared with “den gammal mannen” or “den gamla man” .

    Using google is tedious, and sometimes flawed, but is quite helpful nevertheless. Google languages can also translate directly but it often comes up with comical results and is anyway a bit of a cheat.

  2. One more thing…
    Various academic studies suggest an active vocabulary of around 5000 words is needed before someone is truly fluent. This translates as learning around 7 words a day for two years…

    Its a slog…..

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