Julmust – A very special Swedish drink

Julmust - A Very Swedish Drink

Julmust - A Very Swedish Drink

I love the fact that there are certain countries in the world where Coca Cola is not the number 1 soft drink.

Scotland for instance sells more Irn Bru than Coke.  Sweden has a soft drink which I tasted recently called Julmust.

Its a seasonal drink, jul is Swedish for Christmas and there is another version of the same drink thats brought out for Easter called påskmust. This apparently outsells Coca Cola during these seasons.  I am a big fan of root beer so there is no surprising that I was going to like this drink.

Must is obviouly non alcoholic but its made with hops and spice. It was made in 1910 by the Roberts family and the syrup is still produced in Örebro today, apparently only one person knows the recipe..sound familiar?

Not to be outdone Coca Cola have brought out their own version, anonymously and apparently they buy the syrup from Roberts! Nice to read that.

Its hard to describe the taste, you might be able to pick it up in your nearest IKEA.

What fascinates me is that 45 million litres of Julmust are drunk over Christmas which is amazing for a country of 9 million!!!

Todays Swedish Word of the Day is läsk-soft drink.


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  1. Even Soda Steam has come to the party and you can buy Julmust flavouring. We bought a bottle to try it and it’s quite good, so I’ll grab a couple more to tide us over the Christmas season. I also love the fact that Swedes resist the marketing might of a big company like Coca-Cola.

    A few years ago I saw a tv program where they asked young children what they liked to drink at Christmas. They all said Julmust 🙂

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