Going Underground

Kimberly is an American who has a great little blog, unfortunately its not been updated since September which is a shame as she writes well. Hopefully she will return soon.

I like what she writes on her welcome page..

It’s true that I miss a lot of stuff that I had back in the States. I miss Starbucks, Target. The Outback Steakhouse, and being able to transfer money into my Bank of America checking account without extra charges. Whenever I start missing my old home too much, I force myself to take a step backwards and re-examine the life that I live today.

I live in a historical neighborhood in a classic Scandinavian city. I pay the equivalent of $20 USD in order to see my doctor. I pay the equivalent of $143 USD to have a cavity filled. If I get ill my employer gives me 80% of my pay. I’m less than 2 hours by plane to hundreds of other amazing European cities. When I think of things in this way, Starbucks, Target, and Outback don’t seem like major losses anymore…

I enjoyed her post on how to cope with the Stockholm Underground (UPDATE LINK FIXED)

I cant say I agree with all points, for instance I find that Stockholmers will wait for you to get off wheras in London they will crash straight through you.

The great thing about the Stockholm underground is that you can still make and receive calls/texts!!!


2 Responses

  1. Hi Shane! I’m so shocked to learn that someone actually reads my blog 🙂 You’ve inspired me to post more! A lot has changed since my last update!!

  2. The only reason phones stll work on the tube is that we don’t want to blow each other to smithereens in this country. Or because we’re naive…your choice.

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