A write Blunt

Stockholm also gets a free newspaper on the underground called the Metro…for some reason James Blunt is writing a column for them, mycket konstigt!

I remember once going all the way to Exeter (good 5 hours or so) on the bus and losing in the last minute.  We had the most miserable coach driver who made Victor Meldrew look like a laugh. As we left Exeter he put on James Blunt, live in concert cd. How he wasnt murdered I dont know.

Talking of Blunts this is bad news.

Looks like Sweden is in the economic doldrums as well. Finance Minster Borg, yes him with the pony tail has stated that ‘the current wave of job loss announcements as the worst since the country’s banking crisis in the early 1990s.’

Swedens unemployment rate is rising, according  to the local.se . Apparently 8,385 people have been told they will lose their jobs this month which is an increase of 5,093 the week before.

Tricky times ahead.

I had been considering buying an apartment in the new year. I am on second hand rent in Söder which is very expensive, on the one hand of course this is a great time to buy as prices are falling but of course on the other hand there is the instability of it all.

Todays Swedish Word of the Day is lågkonjunktur-recession


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