Spot the difference…

Which one is the Swedish Minister of Finance and which one is the British Minister of Finance (we call him the chancellor of the Exchequer)

I am sure you guessed correctly. The first pic is Anders Borg, Sweden’s Finance Minister and also surprisingly a member of Reinfelds Moderate Party (same as the British Tory Party). Of course the other picture is Alistair Darling, the British Chancellor of the Exchequer and a Labour Party man.

I was amazed when I saw Anders Borg on the box, the guy with the pony tail and an ear ring doesnt look like your average Finance Minister and certainly not a member of a conservative party mind you I would rather both of the above to the pipsqueak below:

Have you ever been skint Georgey?

Have you ever been skint Georgey?

George Osbourne is the UK Conservatives Shadow Minister for Finance and probably one of the biggest reasons why I will never vote Tory…what do old Etonians and heirs to Barons know about real life in the UK?  I think I would rather the geezer with the pony tail to be honest!


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