Operation London: Mission Accomplished

BA so much better than SAS

BA so much better than SAS

What Mission?

The massive trade fair I attended? Yes that was a success but I am referring to the fact that I set myself a few goals before I left. More business? More revenue? More contacts?

Nope, I wanted to get a book on tea, got! a book on Apple Macs Ilife, got! (only just lots of searching) and a tea cosy! Yes I know I know, but you cant get them here and I end up throwing so much tea out as it goes cold. I have to thank Governor Palin for locating the teacosy for me though, thanks Miss!

Its interesting being back in London as there are things that piss me off and things I love. Here are some differences between life in Stockholm and London.

I loved…

a) cheaper beer, ok its London but still SO much cheaper than Stockholm

b) Sausage rolls yum!

c) Chicken, leek and ham pie!

d) the east end curry house that I ended up in with some colleagues. There is nothing better than a hot chicken madras whilst pleasantly pissed!

e) British Airways.

f) Terminal 5 at Heathrow, got a bad start but one of my favourite airport terminals. Thats quite a compliment considering I spend more time at airports than I do at home.

I hated

a) Londons transport system. 45,000 people go to WTM and they couldnt get that right, what will they do for the Olympics?

b) The fact that people do not wait for you to get off the tube before they get on. Stockholmers are very good at waiting for people to get off first.

c) The fact that you need to use your ticket to get out of the tube station. In Stockholm, you only use it to get in. Saves a lot of aggro when you are fishing in your pockets for your ticket when you reach your destination.

The transport infrastructure is so good in Sweden and you only appreciate it when you are in another country. Yes I know there are probably more people living in Greater London than the whole of Sweden but…

It was a pleasure to fly with British Airways, SAS could learn a thing or two from this airline.


3 Responses

  1. For the love of God – STOP calling me that!!! And if I I may add, the tea cosy is from Cath Kidston – and what an awesome shop that is! Only wish it’d been available in the cowboy pattern…

  2. Glad you had a successful trip. I must admit the tea cosy is an interesting idea. I just hope no one tries to go into business selling them in the U.S. (well, not in the southern U.S., at any rate). We like our tea cold around here!

  3. Hi Lisanne

    Well the Southern States are on my agenda so best I get used to cold tea 😉

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