Last Saturday a friend invited me to see a very Swedish site. November 1st, or All Saints Day is a time where many Swedes light a candle at the grave of loved ones in an act of rememberance.

We went to a place called Skogskyrkogården (translates as the forest cemetery) which is UNESCO World Heritage site. Its a vast cemetery which was built on a quarry full of pine trees in the early part of the twentieth century.

The architecture apparently belongs to a ‘functionalist’ movement and was the buildings were built as part of an international competition in 1915. I know very little about architecture so will leave that there for now. You can read more about it on the Skogskyrkogärden site though.

It was wierd to see all these candles alight next to gravestones, if it wasnt in a religious setting it would look almost paganistic though the setting seemed more akin to Roman Catholicism, quite strange in fiercely Protestant Sweden.

It appeared that most of Stockholm were lighting candles here. The local tube station had to have marshalls to control the crowds.


cimg1586cimg1596Todays Swedish word of the Day is helgon – Saint


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