I salute you John McCain

So there was no real suprise in the end. My man McCain was done by Obama but it was no embarassing defeat for the Republican. The final public vote is looking like 53% v 46% so not the hiding that the electoral college vote shows. If you want to see a hiding look at Richard Milhous Nixons’ election victory in 1972. He took 60% of the vote against the Democrat George McGoverns 37%,

Still as Senator McCain said, the people have spoken and have chosen Barack Obama. I for one will be interested to see what he does. The scenes yesterday were reminscient of when Blair and the British Labour Party kicked the Tories out in 97. ‘Things Can Only Get Better’ remember that. Other than the National Minimum wage I am not sure what else Blair did with his time and power.

I think any Republican would have struggled to beat Obama this year, but McCain stayed within touching distance which you have to give him credit for.

My only regret in this campaign is that McCain was not allowed to be McCain. The John McCain I met and saw campaign in California in 2000 would have been more of a challenge.

He was more like his old self in his concession speech.

It was good to see so many people lining up to vote though, its good to see people excited by politics again.  What did amaze me though was all the Swedish Party leaders on the box in the studio at an early result all debating and chewing over the result. Its interesting because they all backed Obama.


2 Responses

  1. I have a lot of respect for McCain but the Americans made the right decision. Electing him would have meant a significant chance of getting Palin for president. Furthermore, the Republicans needed to lose. Partly since no one party should ever be in office for so long – it breeds complacency and incompetence (and we’ve already had enough of this). Furthermore, a defeat can allow them to properly and critically review their actions over the past two terms in the light of those actions leading directly to failure.

    Hopefully, common sense will prevail and they will realise that the only reason they avoided a total spanking was because of McCain, and use that as a signpost for the future.

    Any well functioning democracy requires at least two major parties, with relatively moderate policies, led by intelligent people. American politics deviated from this principle some time ago and suffered accordingly.

  2. It is a shame that McCain wasnt allowed to pick the running mate he really wanted. He would have gone for a moderate Republican.

    I like the fact that McCain has reached across the floor to pass laws with Democrats.

    I think the GOP need to regroup and maybe even split. I dont see how those social conservatives and the moderates can really live together anymore.

    I am really interested to see what Obama does now. As I wrote in my post, I hope he uses his power and not waste it as Blair did.

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