Happy Gustav Adolfs Day

Gustav Adolfsdagen. [Gustav Adolfs day]. 
Today some Swedes celebrates Gustav II Adolf who was the Swedish King between 1611 and 1632. In 1628 he founded Gothenburg. Some bakeries are sellingGustav Adolf-bakelse [Gustav Adolf tart] to commemorate him and the city of Götebor. The tart is very distinc, there is normally a chocolate image of the king on top, see the photo.  If I finish work at a reasonable time and before the bakeries shut I might try and buy one. EDIT: popped out and bought some for some of my staff and I. Very very nice!!!

Todays Swedish word of the day is bageri-bakery.


2 Responses

  1. I just came across your blog today … and it is fantastic! Really informative … unlike my own blog about my life in Sweden … also living near Stockholm. Kewl how you have a word of the day … not even sure my motivation for learning Swedish has risen to even this level! Great site … going to be spending some time doing some catch up reading!


  2. […] it turns out was Gustav Adolfsdagen (Gustav Adolf’s day). I’m sorry I didn’t celebrate it – partly because he was the […]

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