Some useful sites

I found two great sites recently that will be of help to exiles.

The Swedes use the week system which I find very frustrating. They will often say something like, are you free on Week 36?

So this site is a God send check out  Its a no nonsense site that tells you precisely what week we are in.

The next site is even more of a Godsend for those of you who enjoy football on the box. lists all the football games and the times they are on. Very handy!

Tonight I am off to Söder Stadion for Hammarbys last match of the season, against Malmö. They are usually rubbish games as neither team has anything to play for other than pride but as I wont see any live Swedish football until March now I thought i should make the effort.

Last night I had a beer with my mate Miguel. He took me to an authentic Czech bar here on Södermalm called Soldaten Svejk. I really recommend as they really know their stuff, they were able to advise me on the different beers and the eating area reminded me of my many trips to the Czech Republic. The menu looked good, usually Czech staple of meat and potatoes with beetroot soup, very reasonable prices. I may have to make a return here.

Whilst looking for their website I came across a nice Stockholm pub review site.  Written by a British expat as well.


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