Those Hugo Boss glasses

Those glasses!

Those glasses!

Some of you asked for more photos of this bloggers new glasses, so here am I making a rare appearance in a tie. Business attire is very different in the Nordics. Its very rare that you wear a tie, the look is principally smart jeans and a jacket. Whilst I think I am becoming Nordic in many ways some things are hard to let go….

Todays Swedish word of the day is slips-tie


Happened this past week

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. Its been a hectic one work wise, lots of things going on.

Well the snow has gone, nice while it lasted and I am just pleased to have got through it without falling over. Its my main fear of slipping as there seems to be a lot of accidents with ice here.



This week I had some Pyttipanna, its a very Swedish dish and it reminds me of a cross between corn beef hash and the infamous bubble and squeak. Pyttipanna basically means leftovers in a pan so I guess it was developed on the same lines as bubble and squeak. That is, all the leftovers stuck in a pan and friend up.

Pyttipanna consists of onions, potatoes, sausage or ham. Usually comes with beetroot and a fried egg on the top. One place I went to served it with a raw egg which I was edgy about it, I prefer it friend and sitting proudly on the top as this one was.

Its also called ‘hänt i veckan’ happened this past week.

Todays Swedish word of the Day is rödbetor -beetroot

Tea Cosy

Just for those of you who were curious here is the infamous Tea Cosy that Ms Palin bought me in London. They dont sell them in Sweden. It works surprisingly well!

Tea Cosy

Tea Cosy

And still it snows

Our office

and if I am honest I am loving it. I really feel like I have arrived in the Nordics now. I still have an urge to run out side and use my feet to mark the words ‘Forza Bajen’ in the snow but dont think thats very professional. OK ‘vi hatar Cardiff’ is far more acceptable.

Here are some photos and and a short video clip of the view from my fifth floor office

I hope you enjoy.

Let it snow let it snow let it snow

The view from Gov. Palins mansion.

The view from Gov. Palins mansion.

Following in on from my quick post yesterday morning there is a whole host of snowy Sweden photos you can see here.

We actually had a fun day! I took the bus to Lilla Essingen to meet Sarah and then we headed out to Barkaby. I made my debut at IKEA and left with just some tea towels! I was rather impressed with IKEA but I really dont want to think about any of this until I have decided to buy and then found a place. We will see what happens in the new year.

There is an outlet centre at Barkaby where the prices were much cheaper than the city. Sarah has recommended that I purchase some long johns if I intend to watch some Bandy, so I bought some of those (something very few Brits would ever own up to owning let alone wearing!) and a nice scarf. Sarah doesnt think I look so suarve in my Hammarby one 😉

We then picked up Sarahs niece and went over to Sigtuna. Unfortunately it was quite dark when we got there and my camera is rubbish in the dark. I need a good one, any recommendations? It was a lovely quaint place and as Dennis commented its Swedens first capital. Definitely requires another visit as there seems to be a lot of history there.

I then spent the rest of the day watching football at Sarahs’ sister, I think I need Canal Plus!

What has amazed me here is how well prepared the Swedes are for snow. The gritters were out straight away, there is no drama on the roads, and the Swedes obviously have a special wardrobe that just has winter gear in it.  Today all we saw was kids out with their fathers on sledges! Stockholm is very pretty in the snow, very Christmas Card.

I wonder how much more we will get….

Todays Swedish Word of the Day is pulka- sledge.

Now I know I am in Sweden….

Its taken eleven months or so but now I really feel I am in Scandinavia. Here are some photos and a small video clip of what I saw when I looked out of my window this morning.

You can click on them to make them larger.

Oh and here is the video clip of snow in Stockholm well snow på Södermalm!

Today I am losing my virginity again 😉 Sarah Palin is taking me to IKEA as I have (coughs) never been. Well what do you expect 33 and never married why would I go? Oh well! Then she is taking me to Sigtuna which apparently is Swedens oldest town, should be nice to get out of Stockholm for a change and see more of this beautiful country. Dont worry Ma I will a big scarf and gloves!

Christmas Turkey in Sweden

I have just ordered my Christmas Turkey in Stockholm of course I ordered it from the English Butchers Taylor and Jones.

Unfortunately the smallest ones they had was 4kgs, thats a lot for me but then I am lucky as I adore turkey sandwiches, turkey curry etc

I am getting it boned and stuffed, the Swedes celebrate Xmas on the 24th but I shall cook a traditional dinner for myself and a lucky friend over the Christmas period.

I love to cook but am always edgy about poultry, this year I have bought an electronic meat thermometer so I am far more relaxed about the whole thing. Pictures will be taken!

I have also treated myself to a wheel of Y Fenni cheese, well it is Christmas

Todays Swedish Word of the Day is kalkon-turkey.