My new Hugo Boss Glasses arrived

I picked up my glasses today. Hmm I am never convinced these things suit me, I tried loads on but settled on this pair. I am the same with hats incidentally. I wear a panama in the summer mainly because my bald patch is getting bigger each summer and its a right bastard when its sunburnt. I never think the hat suits me but like the glasses its a necessity.

I had only told one person in the office about needing glasses, so it was bit of a shock to colleagues when I suddenly appeared wearing them after lunch. Its funny to observe people, most take a second look but say nothing. I had to give a motivational talk to my sales force in the afternoon so thought that would be a great opportunity to wear them so everyone sees them the first time at the same time.

Anyway two photos for you to decide how they look…


2 Responses

  1. Very classy (now you’ve become a genuine 08). I also notice that I will have to get one of those too, because I can only see one photo.

  2. u look like a tit should ov gone to specsavers

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