The Arrogance of the Political Classes

Friday nights for me are special. I usually love to chill out, glass of whiskey, nice food, good music, good DVD etc. I really unwind on a Friday night.

Last night I was playing Star Wars Lego on the XBOX 360, yes childish I know but mildly amusing. I was a bit peckish and fancied a pizza. I hadnt had one in ages. I usually prefer to cook but as I have had a hectic intense working week decided to get a take away.

I walked past a bar and thought ah why not have a wee dram.

I walked to the bar, ordered my drink in my finest Swedish. I didnt really notice my surroundings as such. I only wanted one drink and then my dinner.

However….an attractive lady asked me in Swedish what kind of whisky I ordered. I was tempted to give it the Roger Moore ‘eyebrow’ and give her the charm but as it happens I was hungry and thirsty 😉 So yes I did answer her in Swedish and we had a brief chat about the whisky and where I was from in the UK and why I was in Sverige. She then let slip she had  Political Doctorate and worked in politics. Fair enough.

I asked the most topical political question I could. ‘So Obama or McCain?’ She gave me the answer which I am starting to dislike intensely.

‘Oh Obama, McCain is too old’. Bollocks. What discrimination, and I proceeded to tell her so. I said nobody says Obama is too young, look at Ronnie Reagan he was no spring chicken when he took over the White House. If people are backing Obama then fine but dont just say its because Senator McCain is too old. We got quite heated over that. I pointed out that some of Britains best Prime Ministers had been ‘old’. Look at Churchill, Macmillan, Lloyd George.

She then came out with a response that I absolutely detest. Its the kind of attitude I have heard a lot from the political classes and it makes me sick.

She said ‘Well yes he is too old, the pressures of the job, you dont understand as you dont work in politics’. And there we have it, I am a thick member of society because I do not work in politics!!!! Boy did I let rip. Good looking girl or not she got it with both barrels. There are two things I hate in life, the upper class (or even worse middle class wannabees who want to be upper class) looking down at the working classes, and the political classes thinking they know better.  Those who know me personally know why I kicked off at this point.

I told her that her and her colleagues were the reason why the political system was so fucked. Yeah strong words but it needs saying. This political class are the reason why people dont want to go out and vote anymore. I cant speak for Swedish politics as I dont know enough about that scene yet it but its the case in the UK. Its one big political club and entrants from general society is strongly frowned about.

When I was growing up, politics had many characters, on both the Left and Right. Take Norman Tebbit and Tony Benn for instance, you couldnt get two politicians with more different views but they were characters who always had an angle for you to think about.

I could bang on for ages about this but wont. Turned out that this Swede worked for the Swedish Social Democratic Party, a bit like Labour in the UK. That made me laugh, the Labour Party have always taken the view they know best and not the people they represent.

After the exchange,she asked if I was Conservative!!!! I love the Left when you dont agree with them they naturally assumed you are a Tory. How wrong she was! Then she asked if I fancied hitting the town with her, nein danke I was very offended by her views. Shame as she was very pretty but if we dont have principles where are we in life?


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  1. Really liked this post, I can just imagine you giving her two barrels full, good job it wasnt after a few drinks!
    She seemed attracted to you mate

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