lost in Swedish translation again

Maud Oloffson, leader of the Centerpartiet

Maud Oloffson, leader of the Centerpartiet

I am trying to do this every week, following the exciting article on Högalind Schools ventilation problem this weeks article comes courteousy of the Center Party -Centerpartiet and a short interview with their Party leader Maud Olofsson.

About Me

What is so fun about politics?.

You dont have to feel powerless because you know you can make a difference but it takes time. The lack of power that people feel today is a scourge. Since the community spirit is a national movement this is absolutely amazing. You should not underestimate the value of having fun together when you work with something that is both difficult and important.

Why are you in the Centre Party?
Because I was interested in environmental issues, how to reduce inequalities in the world plus the Centre Party was so active in rural development.  The Center Party was attacking social problems from a global perspective and from the local and individual angle, which appealled to me.

Where do you get your enthusiasm from?
I think I got it from my parents. They were both very able and focused, especially my mother, who was really the person who saw the big things in everyday life. It is one of her positive traits.

What made you run for Party Leader?
I felt there were many members and supporters who wanted me to stand. I think it is important to show the need for women in leading political positions. Moreover, I received support from home, which was crucial for me to take on the mission.

Which political questions engage you the most?
It is tricky to pinpoint an issue as the one engaging me the most. But it is clear that conditions for small businesses and the viability of rural areas is extremely important to me.  Becaus,e without a thriving small business around the country we will not have the resources to cope with  future welfare needs.  We need to provide resources for care and health, for schools and to provide better care for our elderly.

Do you get any breathing space?
At home, the forest and nature around. There I get my peace and quiet and clear my mind.

When are you happiest?
Its little things like when I can sit outside in the woods with my family and grill sausages and drink coffee, and it is very quiet and we are together.  On a bigger level it is when I see that people still care about each other and not just be materialistic. It is so easy to forget what is really important, namely a more humane society.

What makes you really angry?
When people get hurt, especially kids. Whether its authorities hindering entrepreneurs, or neighbours who cause suffering to each other or if its the State that affects people. We must show respect for each individual, regardless of who the individual is.

What makes you sad?
That there are still so many people in the world and Sweden suffering but forgotten about. There are many people who feel they are outsiders  and have difficulty finding ways to make ends meet. They are hardly ever mentionded on  TV, radio and other media and they are rarely a part of the political debate.

There are so many people who do great things in our everyday life but never get recognition. I think of all those active in sports clubs, in the church, in the village organisation, in the local party work, at home district organizations of various kinds.

So, in short, all the charitable work done every day but rarely getting the publicity.

This interview was taken from an interview with Ms Olofsson on the CenterPartiet Website

So a lot of new words learnt from this short piece.

Mäktlos – Powerless

Påverka – affect

Mäktlosheten -The Powerless

Gemenskapen – solidarity/community spirit

Gissel – scourge

Alldeles – absolutely/completely

Underskatta – underestimate

värdet – the value

minska – to reduce

klyftorna -the inequalities

utveckling -development

landsbygden – rural

angriper – to attack

samhållsproblemen – social problems

tilltalade – appealled

Dessutom – moreover

avgörande – crucial

uppdraget – the mission

peka ut  – pinpoint

villkoren – condition

blomstrande – thriving

resurser – resources

välfärd -welfare

omsorg – care

bryr sig – care about (Lit. burn each other????)

samhäll – society

kränker – violate/injure/hurt ( I think it means to cause suffering)

Myndigheter – The Authorities

oavsett – regardless

medmanniskor – neighbour

sällan – rarely

uppmärksammade – recognition

One word I really struggled with was byarörelsen. I translated it as village organisation?


2 Responses

  1. Hi

    medmanniskor – is “fellow citizen” and not “neighbour”
    neighbour is “granne”

    Keep up the good work leraning swedish

    Jack army!

  2. Ah ok makes sense now!

    Thanks mate, nice 3 points against Ipswich today will do 😉

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