More on the eye test in Stockholm

Nice glasses!

Nice glasses!


I was in luck the lady at the opticians Synsam studied in London so there were no linguistic barriers. It was the same kind of eye test as in England, no different.

I have a ‘lazy eye’ Its something I have lived with since the age of 11/12. It should have been picked up much earlier and it could have been rectified. My eyes were always tested by the tests provided by West Glam Education Authority obviously they were crap and didnt give a toss as its a severe vision defect.

I wore glasses in my teens but when I went to uni an optician told me it was too late and that there was little point wearing glasses as they would not repair the damage.  I do have periodic tests and each optician has said the same.

The Swedish optician said glasses would help my vision and cut out the headaches and itchy eyes. She recommended a pair for the computer and a pair for everyday use.  I wasnt having that, I would end up losing one pair or use the wrong ones so I asked for a pair that would do both jobs.

Once she settled on the prescription the hard job of selecting a pair of glasses began. I am a fussy sod believe it or not. None really suited me, I like the Michael Caine style retro glasses from the Harry Palmer era but they just didnt suit. I settled on a designer pair, titatnium, scratch proof all that stuff and its come in at over 6000 SEK, yes circa 600 quid!

I did balk at that price but then I thought to myself would I pay that for a good holiday? Yes. A nice suit? Maybe. So what price do I put on my eyes? I bought them and they arrive in 10 days. I will take a photo for you who are curious, you know who you are!

It will be wierd wearing glasses again but at least I wont have to put them in my glasses case quickly before a schoolyard fight broke out as I did as a teenager…or will I?

4 Responses

  1. For that price, did they come with a gun?

  2. No just X Ray vision 😉

  3. To be safe just dont wear them in Cliff Barnes Shaney Boy

  4. You can’t go wrong with titanium – it’s one metal that won’t let you down. Not like that lousy, good-for-nothing copper.

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