Shock horror -eye test the same day!

My eyes have been giving me grief this last week. Probably due to the fact amount of work I do on the computer and not to mention the time I have put into the new FIFA 09 game this last week.

I hate going to opticians as it is, so going to one in a foreign country will be interesting.  I was amazed when I called that they could see me today, thats not happened to me in England. Mind you God knows how much this will cost but you only get one pair of eyes so the cost shouldnt put me off.

I dont know any opticians in Stockholm so I used, I typed in optician and the area and gave me all the local opticians. Ideally I want one close to work.

I will let you know how I get on.

I have a great post to write on the State but I want to get a photograph of a recent advert first to embellish the point. Hopefully do it over the weekend.

Todays Swedish word of the day is optiker-opticians


3 Responses

  1. You might be entitled to a free eye test. In Britain, you are entitled to a free eye test once per year if you work heavily with VDU equipment.

    Sweden probably has something similar. If not I’m sure Booking would fit the bill as its work related.

    Have a look at:

    Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992

  2. You are right Dave, I need to look into it, cant put a price on eye care though can you?

  3. You can go to a local optician and then take the prescription with you – order contacts on line (find out what they recommend) or glasses as one of the cheaper places around town.
    Check out lensway or lensbuddy.

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