New Swedish words learnt this week

luktar -smells


påtalar -highlights ( as in to highlight something)

onödigt – unnecessary

ansvarig -answerable for/responsible

beslut -decision

biträdanade -deputy

kvavt -humid

klagar -complain

Det känns- It feels

I appreciate some of these arent in the infinitive, for instance klaga but I have written them here how I find them.


6 Responses

  1. ‘Nödigt’ is never used. We say ‘nödvändigt’ or ‘nödvändig’, but ‘onödigt’ is correct. Examples: ‘Det är nödvändigt att göra detta’, (It is necessary to do this); ‘Detta är en nödvändig åtgärd’, (This is a necessary measure).

  2. Ah thanks for this. I naturally assumed onödigt would go to nödigt. Good lesson for me there.

  3. hi ya, thanks for ur comment. I never thought of that, someone being in sweden and translating english to swedish. sound sliek ur having a ball though 🙂 cool website! I’m gonna link to it 🙂 cheers!

  4. Also the word “tydligt” can mean “clear”. Jag ser dig tydligt = I can see you clearly!

    Obvious could also be translated into “självklart”.

    Keep practising buddy, you are doing good. Speak soon!

  5. Tack så mycket Niclas, det var snällt.

    Hope all is well with you and the guys in Reykavik!

  6. Looks like your Swedish is coming on nicely.
    When are you going to write a short blog entry in Swedish ?

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