Gone for a spin

Today I went to first fitness class here in Sweden.

Since getting injured whilst out running I have realised I probably need to shift a few stones before I can realistically run outside.  So on Monday I booked myself into 2 classes at SATS STADION, Weds and Fri…what class? Spinning or what SATS call Cykel.  Simply put its an exercise regime based around indoor cycling at different levels of intensity. I opted for the 30 min class but you can do this at 45 mins or there is a Cykel Plus, no chance was I going to entertain that!

I have only ever been spinning once and that was back in Cambridge, there were some start but positive differences from that experience.

Firstly I love the fact I was able to book my classes online! Big plus for SATS there.

The room was really big and there were plenty of bikes available. I naturally made my way to the back of the class so nobody would see how badly I perform.

The trainer arrived and he was your stereotypical well toned and obviously very fit guy. He asked for a bit of paper from me which I didnt have. Fortunately he picked up on the fact I was a Brit (Swedes are good at doing that, I sometimes wonder if I walk around in a pin stripe, bowler hat, umbrella and a cup of tea in my hand) so he spoke to me in English.

Its a three strikes and out set up. If you miss three classes without cancelling then you cant book any more for that month. Fair enough, we sorted something out so I wouldnt get penalised, must get that bit of paper from the receptionist next time.

I explained it was my first time…ooh er and he helped me set up my bike which was good of him as I went for the easiest set up possible and he gave me a tougher one.

It was an interesting 30 min set. I was impressed at how much time the trainer took getting us warmed up. I dont mean a quick five minute cycle but stretches. The SATS trainer also spent a lot of time on the warm down, again very important. The other class I attended was very much jump on and get shouted at to cycle at different speeds. This guy spent a lot of time on posture and went into detail about the backside!!! Now this is like a fitness and Swedish class for me and I had no idea what he was saying I only got the word for backside. He then swung his bike around and showed us what he meant.  I have never really looked at a guys arse before I felt like giggling like a schoolboy but the fitness mad Swedes were concentrating so I thought that a little appropriate.

It wasnt long before I was sweating like a sheepdog on a hot summers day. Bloody embarrassing to be honest but I put it down to my excess charm that needs to be burnt off before we even get to my beer (or should that be whisky belly!)

I was feeling self aware as it was, despite the fact there were people in there of different shapes and sizes.  People kept turning around and looking me, I was starting to get the hump. Why are they looking at me? There was about 30 or so of us there and I swear all of them looked. I was starting to get irritated by this but then realised that the only clock in the room was behind me on the wall.  Phew!  Thats what they were looking at, I wont sit there again!

The set wasnt as hard as I thought it would be but thats because I followed Fitness Evas’ advice of not pushing myself too hard initially. Thats always my downfall, I like to really push my limits and thats how I always end up getting crocked!

WIll I go back to SATS cykel? 

Yes absolutely, I need to push myself harder to get more out of it but I am sure that will come. I like the fact I was made to feel welcome, got help for my bike and that the SATS instructor was very positive and not screaming at me like a Sergeant Major.

The only thing I would have to moan at is the music. Personally I would much rather it be Sex Pistols, Mötorhead, Stranglers, Manic Street Preachers etc   But then I guess I would be the only one there.

The SATS I attended was SATS Stadion.

Todays Swedish word of the day is rumpa-backside!


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  1. Funny that with the clock, and funny how much the situation means. I’ll bet if that happened in a bar or pub you would have been flattered.

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