The Stranglers kommer till Sverige!

Sorry readers, I have had a hectic week this week so not much blogging.

I was in Oslo for a few days this week on business. I like Norway but its sooo expensive!  Its approximately 40% more expensive than Sweden!  So if you think Swedish prices are high, look out when you go to Norway.  its a shame really as Norway is such a beautiful country, very different terrain to Sweden.  When you fly between both countries you can pretty much tell when you have crossed the border.

To give you an example of price, I bought a pint of Guiness, Diet Coke, Peparami and a bag of crisps and it was about 15 pounds!!!!

Great news this week my favourite band are coming on tour to Sweden!! The Stranglers are coming to Goteborg and Stockholm on Jan 10th, Jan 11th! I have seen them several times but still get excited at the prospect of seeing them live. Not sure if their 68 year old dummer and all time legend Jet Black will make as I think he is too fragile for the foreign tours now but will be good to see JJ Burnel prowling around the stage with his Shuker Bass.

For those of you who dont know ‘Let Me Tell You About Sweden’ the title of this blog is named after a Stranglers lyric from the song ‘Sverige- All Quiet on the Eastern Front’ which is actually bit of a dig at Sweden, but I guess if you studied in Lund as the lead singer Hugh Cornwell did its not entirely surprising 😉

Fortunately I didnt use the chorus as a blog title ‘För mycket tid att tänka, för lite att göra!’ – ‘Too much time to think to little to do’ I actually think there is more than enough to do here which is one of the reasons I enjoy living in Sweden.

Todays Swedish word of the day is dyr-expensive.


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