Another good Swedish Blog

I am amazed how many Swedish related blogs are out there on the blogosphere. I came across the Swedish Blog today which is very interesting. I love the fact they have also written about the laundry set up here.

I have added it to the links section, I definitely recommend it.


The Swedish Goofy

The Swedish Goofy

The Swedish Goofy

Long time readers of this blog will recall a few posts about famous characters having different names in Sweden. Popeye as karl Alfred for instance.

I have found another, funnily enough it was while I was in a waiting room recently, the only literature I could read was the kids stuff and there I discovered Goofy by another name ‘Långben’  which translates into Long Legs!


I learnt an interesting word yesterday…

Todays Swedish word of the day is bamsekram – bearhug!

Not one for Halloween…

but in Sweden they get a day off on All Saints Day! Many of the shops close or they are on restricted hours. Quite a few companies have been on half day today. What we would call bank holidays in the UK are called ‘red days’ here.

All Saints Day is enough to make one shiver, not because of the spooky connatations but because its supposed to be the first day of Winter!

I only realised winter was coming when the fountain was turned off near my home at Mariatorget. Poor old Thor has to stop his fishing as all the water has drained away and wont be back for another six months or so.

The weather has got cold, the gloves are out but not for this blogger, I usually wait till the last moment before donning my gloves. I have a feeling that day is coming very soon.  I wonder if I will get to wear the arctic weather clothing I brought with me. I spent a fortune on a North Face jacket that makes me look and weigh like a grizzly bear. Only worn once since I have got here.

The weather has been shit, dark and raining. I can see now why the Swedes get so excited when the sun comes out in April. Doesnt worry me though, I grew up in Wales where it rains most of the time. I have bought a wake up light though as the mornings are pretty dark so its wakes you up gradually.

To be honest I can handle the cold, its just the rain that gets on my nerves.

My new Hugo Boss Glasses arrived

I picked up my glasses today. Hmm I am never convinced these things suit me, I tried loads on but settled on this pair. I am the same with hats incidentally. I wear a panama in the summer mainly because my bald patch is getting bigger each summer and its a right bastard when its sunburnt. I never think the hat suits me but like the glasses its a necessity.

I had only told one person in the office about needing glasses, so it was bit of a shock to colleagues when I suddenly appeared wearing them after lunch. Its funny to observe people, most take a second look but say nothing. I had to give a motivational talk to my sales force in the afternoon so thought that would be a great opportunity to wear them so everyone sees them the first time at the same time.

Anyway two photos for you to decide how they look…

Långholmen – the Stockholm oasis

A beautiful house on Långholmen

A beautiful house on Långholmen

Photos of Långholmen here

As I mentioned before I had a lovely walk around Långholmen last Sunday. The weather is very fresh now and there is something nice about taking a walk in the lovely clean fresh Swedish air. It is starting to get a little chilly now though, I wonder if we are in for a very cold winter.

Långholmen was until 1975 a prison island. Almost sounds like something from the days of Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer. Långholmen prison is now a nice hotel. On my first trip to Sweden as an idealistic 18 year old, I should have stayed at this hotel. I was over for a Young Liberal conference but a Swedish mate I had met the year before offered me his floor and I kipped there.

I did go and take a look at the hotel where the others were staying and it was very um prisonlike. Bars on the doors, bunk beds etc, certainly something a little bit different.

The island has a very exotic landscape, luscious and green. Its very different from the other Stockholm islands and its put down to the fact that the prisoners covered the island with mud from their dredging of the local waterways.

The houses are very pretty, there is something about them which are quite twee but full of character as well if that makes sense?

There are some great views of Stockholm from island which you will see in the Långholmen photos I took. I hope you enjoy them.  I am so lucky to have this on my doorstep.

Off to Holland

Hi all

There will be no blogging this week as am off on a business trip to Amsterdam. I am actually going to stay the weekend and do the tourist thing which will make for a nice break.

When I come back I will post up some great photos from a nice walk I took on Sunday on the island of Långholmen.  Its only a 10 min walk from my house but with so much green and nature you wouldnt think you are in a European capital city.

Oh and before I go, nice one Hammarby, they beat Stockholm rivals Djurgården 3-0 last night!

Swedish Politics

I learnt quite a bit completing the translation of the Maud Olofsson interview. I think I will try and do this for al the Party Leaders. I might even hold a Let Me Tell You About Sweden poll on who you like the most…could be interesting. As of yet I am undecided.

Here is an English language short interview with Maud Olofsson.