Stockholm nightlife

I have not really been out that much at night since I have been here. When my mates from Cambridge came over we did explore a bit but I am not really an expert on it.

Jamie and Anil, two British expats based here found a cracking place last week called Cliff Barnes. They waxed lyrical about it and I was a bit dubious as even the most awful cesspits can be good if you have had enough to drink.

Its very near odenplan and we went on Saturday night.  It only opens from 11 and closes at one. It plays the most cheesiest music you can imagine, and its packed, 150 people capacity. There is no dance floor, people dance where they stand. I was sober on arrival which is not the right state to be in for such a venue. I would definitely recommend getting at least tipsy before you go.

Other plus points -it was free entry and the bouncers were actually well mannered and polite. Will definitely go again. Only negative was the price of booze SEK 98 for a large whisky and coke though I am told this isnt as high as certain places in Stureplan.

Dress code. I wouldnt bother. Nice jeans and a shirt will do, its so packed that other peoples drinks tend to fly everywhere so dont wear your best dress or jacket.

Todays Swedish word of the day is full-drunk (as in inebriated.)


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