Finally lost my virginity in Sweden

This is a post to make you blush. I wonder how many of you will carry on reading this despite the title.

Its true I finally lost my virginity in Sweden. I am not sure if I should write about this blog and agonised over it but felt what the hell. I am sure other people may be interested in this experience and thats what this blog is all about.

It was a few weeks back on a Friday night, I felt nervous and anxious as I walked to the address. I hadnt done this in 9 months, what if I had forgotten what to do, or what to say, this was really worrying me and I was quite stressed.

I found the street and slowly walked towards the block where I would do the dirty deed. Before I went in, I looked around furtively and dived in before anyone saw me. There was plenty to choose from and I settled on a nice black one from Tennessee, oh yes a nice bottle of Jack Daniels.

It cost about 25 quid and I didnt need to show any ID, which for Sweden rather surprised me.

Systembolaget is an odd place, its the government run off licence and the only place to buy decent wines and hard liquor. I love their raison d’etre:

‘Systembolaget, the Swedish Alcohol Retail Monopoly, exists for one reason only: To minimize alcohol-related problems by selling alcohol in a responsible way, without profit motive.’

Its true, there is no advertising and certainly no posters of James Bond sipping a Martini or any inducement to buy booze at all.

The Swedes seem very protective over Systembolaget. I had thought the governing Conservatives would have tried to sell it off but no apparently Swedes love it because they carry huge selections of wines and as the only buyer of wine they are all very educated and knowledgable on the different wines on offer.

The Jack Daniels tasted good but I overindulged of course.

So there you go, it took 9 months but I have now lost my Systembolaget virginity!

Swedish word of the day is Jungfru-virgin  This could also be classed as funny word as it literal means ‘young wife’!!!


2 Responses

  1. Now that you know what it’s like, would you do it again?

  2. Thats not the sort of question a gentleman usually answers 😉 But as I am not one, yes I would but to be honest I dont really like to have alcohol at home anymore.

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