The Strange Case of Liberal Sweden

I was in for bit of a shock today. I went out for a walk and cut through Medborgaplatsen in Södermalm. I noticed a few animal rights protestors with a wallpapering table, posters and leaflets. To be honest I just assumed it was anti-vivasection or experimentation.

It was only on a second glance that I realised this was no ordinary protest. This was calling for the Swedish Goverment to outlaw…wait for it…. sex with animals!!!

Apparently it is legal here and in Denmark to have sex with animals. There were some rather ghastly photographs of bestiality on the posters. Yuck!

I am not sure why this is the case, I am hoping its some sort of legal loophole that has never been tied up. It must be surely?

I cannot understand how a country which publishes  15 pages of guidelines for dog owners that  regulate everything from air quality to access to sunlight and social contact for companion animals. Apparently the guidelines include how often dogs should get a walk and how long they can be left alone for.

Also there is strong legislation with regards prostitution in Sweden. For instance, the prostitute breaks no crime offering her services, the crime is on the guy who pays for it. So a prostitute is protected by government laws whereas animals arent?

If any readers know any more about this subject, as unsavoury as it is then I would be interested in your comments. I can understand most political directions but this one I cant fathom.


2 Responses

  1. Up to 1864 it was the death penalty for beastiality in Sweden. Up to 1944 it was a criminal act which would give a sentence of up to two years in prison. 1944 homosexuality was decriminalised in Sweden and with that also beastiality since it was under the same section in the penal code. Today, if the animal has suffered pain during the act, it will be deemed ‘cruelty to animal’ which is punishable with a fine or prison up to two years. I guess, all we have to do now is to learn all animals to speak so they can represent themselves in court.

  2. My understanding from my Swedish husband and from when I lived over there is that cats don’t enjoy a very high status in Sweden, either. I do keep meaning to drop PETA a little note about Sweden’s apparently accepted practice of employing a “community cat shooter” to deal with strays. I’m sure they could light a fire under some politician’s backside about that!

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