Keflavik -gateway to Iceland

I am writing to you from a rather wet, windy and bleak Icelandic fishing town called Keflavik.

Keflavik is mainly known for the International airport which is the main international entry point into Iceland. Keflavik was founded in the 16th century and grew with its fishing and fish processing activities.

Its 10 mins from the airport which is why I am here tonight. I am on the 7.50 to Stockholm. There used to be a NATO and a US Air Navy base here at Keflavik.  It saw its hey day during the Cold War and was principally used for radar monitoring, submarines planes etc as well as a refuelling station. It was closed in 2006 due to the diminishing threat from Russia, but with the Russian Bear beating its chest again maybe this was a tad premature?

It seems to be a quaint little town, I took a lamb dinner in Cafe Duus, its set near a small picturesque harbour. The weather was appalling which is a shame as it looked pretty. There was a massive door in the rockface which is an entrance to a cave. Its the kind of door that looks like its built for a giant.  Once a year during local festivities, the locals open it and put a big troll in there and lock him in. Icelanders have a thing about trolls!

Unforunately I didnt have my camera so no photos but its definitely worth a visit if you are in or around Keflavik.

Hotel Keflavik is a nice hotel, free wifi in the room which is always a bonus especially with the shitty weather outside.


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