Greetings from Iceland.

Reykjavik is currently being battered by the tail end of Hurricane Ike. Last night was particularly ferocious! I even rang my Mum so she could hear it but I dont think she was best pleased as she gets worried about stuff like that.

It was pretty intense and I ask myself if that was the hurricane fizzling out why on earth do people stay at home in when they are going to get hit by one full on? I think its a bit selfish to see the rescue operation, good people putting their lives at risk because people are too stubborn to leave.

The Icelandic emergency services were on alert last night hopefully there is not too much damage.

Tonight I shall stay at Keflavik which is the small town next to the airport. It can take up to 90 mins to get to Icelands international airport so am going out to check out of Hilton Nordica hotel and stay at Hotel Keflavik this evening.  This is my 18th visit to Iceland so nice to stay somewhere different.


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  1. Although, this time would be more correct to say “ex-hurricane”. This was indeed the remnant of hurricane Ike, but it had become a midlatitude cyclone aka. extratropical cyclone.

    Thanks for posting. I have been following the weather conditions and I think it must be quite a mess over there..

    Greetings from Estonia

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