From Stockholm to Crystal Palace to Smokey Bay

What a life I lead. I left Stockholm today on a British Airways flight to London. Very comfortable I must say. You even get a free cup of tea and a sandwich which is more than the tightfisted sods at SAS give you. The only snag about flying with BA from Arlanda is the fact you go from Terminal 2. The other terminal is better because there are more shops and options to eat. What gets my goat about Terminal 2 is the newspaper shop stores no English magazines and very few books.  Now I know I work in sales etc but this isnt rocket science. BA flies a couple of times a day from this terminal to London so the chances are quite a lot of people will be English speakers looking for something to read…

I am in London for the weekend to watch my beloved Swans play Crystal Palace. Then on Monday I am off to Iceland where I am working until Thursday. On Weds night I will stay in Keflavik which is right by the airport, the flight is at 7.10 am and Keflavik is a good hour by bus from Reykjavik.

Posting will be light as they say for the next few days.


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  1. Just found your blog and it´s good reading…Swans and maiden, just brilliant!
    Going for 3 p today 🙂
    If you didn’t know, there is a swedish/scandinavian Swans-page here

    Keep up your good blog!

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