20,000 visits

Hi all

I am truly amazed yet again. Some time yesterday this blog crashed through the 20,000 visits barrier! Det är överraskning!

Thanks for all the visits, if it wasnt for you guys I would have packed this in ages ago!


3 Responses

  1. Now I don’t want to disappoint you, but statistics do not always tell the whole truth.

    I really enjoy reading your blog. So much so infact that I signed up for the RSS feed, so I will never again miss an article, and look forward to the next picture of your laundry room or recycling bin ;o) Only teasing.

    However my RSS reader (Thunderbird) polls the website every 60 minutes. I never switch my workstation off, so I poll your page 23 times per day.

    Given that there are 30.42 days in the average month, I poll you 699 times per month. Now you have been doing this blog now for what must be 9-10 months and I have used RSS for the vast majority of that time – lets say 8 months. So I am responsible for 5597 of your page impressions.

    Its possible that I am not the only RSS user too.

    But don’t sound disheartened, I genuinely do enjoy reading your blog and would be disappointed if it were to stop. It may even be that RSS impressions are not in that count (which I do hope is the case) but only wordpress would be able to clarify that.

    Already looking forward to the next article.


  2. Hi David

    So if I have 4 people RSSing the way you do then its proves what I thought, I actually only have 4 readers 😉

    I am not really sure how WP does its tracking to be honest but looking at all the different referrers that come in I am guessing it doesnt count them all. Who knows? This isnt work so am not going to investigate either.

    Actually i am always surprised by people who read my blog. Some very unlikely sources, I always thought it was just my mum and a few select readers. The fact that you are either bored shitless at the office or are indeed interested in my life in Sweden means a lot to me.

    With the new arrival on its way Dave, I really can recommend this place to bring up kids. Maternity and Paternity leave galore as well as excellent childcare and provisions for kids. The taxes are high but when you see where they are invested then it doesnt leave one feeling so stung.

  3. Nah, let’s not ask the “whys” and “wherefores”, let’s just celebrate the big number. Woo Hoo! 🙂

    It does remind me, though, of when the library where I work first got a website. After a few months, the library director was all excited about our large number of “hits.” It apparently never dawned on him that every computer in all 5 of our library branches had the library’s webpage set as the home page. So every day when the computers were turned on, reset after freezing up, etc. the library website got another “hit.” I didn’t have the heart to tell him we were creating all that traffic ourselves!

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