Identity Crisis – Swedish ID cards

A few weeks ago I tried to join my local DVD shop in order to watch more Swedish movies. As I do not have a Swedish ID card they would not allow me to join. My British Passport combined with my personnummer was not enough.

Today, I tried to get a blackberry phone and was told that I need a Swedish ID card. I explained to the guy that I already had a post pay phone contract with Tele2 which means I have been vetted and still he wouldnt budge.

Also its frustrating when trying to buy something with a credit card as sometimes they ask for ID and other times they dont. I was stopped by a fifty euro wireless broadband receiver as I had no ID but not challenged when I spent over 200 shots on Rock Band. I hate having to take my Passport with me just to buy something with my credit card.  Don’t get me wrong full credit to the Swedes, the security is very good for card holders but…

So I need a Swedish ID card. Apparently they have tightened up the laws now. You used to be able to go to the Post office with the relevant paperwork but apparently you need to go with a close relative who is Swedish or who holds a Swedish ID. Great if your partner is Swedish but no good to me!

Fortunately it seems that my bank will issue me with an ID card as I am a customer. Whats the bet I go there tomorrow and get told something else…..

Here is a good link for on how to get a Swedish ID card

Todays Swedish Word of the Day is legitimation-proof of identity, often shortened to ‘leg’.


5 Responses

  1. and why not try the driving licence? 😉

  2. Little four letter word called ‘time’ prevents that plus there really is no need to have a car in this country as the public transport is so good. The only time one needs a car is if one has a summer house in the countryside.

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  4. Hey buddy, all that trouble to rent a movie…

    Reminds me of trying to rent a video (yes it was some time ago) at my local Blockbuster in Headington. The bastards wanted me to show a gas bill (what the hell does a gas bill prove?!) in order to open an account. Problem was that I wasn’t living in a flat with any gas stowe or anything like that. Even though I thought it was incredibly stupid I said that I could get my electricity bill, but they were not having that. Gas bill or no movies!!

    What happened was that all my friends called up the store to ask to cancel their account and after about 20-25 calls the Blockbuster manager phoned me up and asked me to “make it stop” and offered me an account without the gas bill 🙂

  5. ha thats so funny but you know how Swedes are sticklers for the law. I am not sure that would work there.

    I am not so fussed about the DVDs its more the fact I hate taking my passport with me just to buy something. Pain in the backside that.

    Flew over Craven cottage today, was thinking of you.

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