Physio in Stockholm

Another new experience for me following on from my visitor to the Doctor.

As most of you know I caught the running bug and last Sunday I wanted to go for an outdoor run. Södermalm is such a nice island to run around. I really want to be able to lap it by running right around it.

About 3kms in I felt a pain coming on in my calf. I carried on for another 500 metres or so and had to stop. Absolutely gutted! I did my warm up, stretches etc and the last thing I needed was an injury.

Fitness Eva told me I should go to a physio and get it checked out. I used and found a physio on the street where I work. Now I have never been to one before so did not know what to expect.

I was also a bit wary about how much it would cost of course, I mean this is Sweden.

I went to this Stockholm Physio and can really recommend them. They thoroughly examined me and not just the calf, everywhere. They even made me go in the gym and do some cycling and cross trainer to assess the injury.

Basically its the soleus muscle thats causing me problems. They advised a weeks rest and to go and get an insole fitted as I overpronate on one foot quite badly which may have caused the injury. They also said I have done too much too soon and should never have run on concrete.

Hmm I really want to run outside though, this country is too beautiful to stay indoors and run, even when it gets cold.

They want me to go back in 2 weeks and have it assessed,. Talk about thorough. Oh the cost? Only 140 Swedish Kronor which is just over a tenner, its the first time I have said that anything was cheap here.

Swedish word of the day is sjukgymnastik -physio


4 Responses

  1. You still think you won’t need a ‘högkostnadskort’? You’ve already spent 3×140=420 out of 900 SEK to get your free-card (incl. your revisit)

  2. Kanske! 😉

  3. what do I do in case of medical emergeny in Sweden. Do I go to the hospital or do they have phone numbers to call and they will advice me where to go in Stockholm ?

    Best regards

    Susanne Ritter

  4. There is a number you can call and they advise you, though if its really bad I would just go to your nearest hospital. I cant see them turning you away. Maybe H2 or some of the other Swedish regulars can help out or if its urgent go to and ask a question on their messageboard.

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