A nice idea

I had to go out to Västerås yesterday to meet my boss who was flying to Västerås Airport, they call it in true Ryanair style Stockholm Västerås when its actually 100kms away!

Unlike the Skavsta airport option you can take a train to Vasterås and then either a short journey by bus or a cab ride. The train takes an hour. Much more comfortable than a bus so dont necessarily rule out Västerås.

Västerås airport was tiny, the train fare there was about 15 quid, a taxi will set you back about 150 Euros!!

What I liked was that I booked my train tickets online and you can pick them up from either the chain of 7-11 shops  or the newsagent Pressbyran. I wasnt sure this would work but sure enough the guy behind the counter printed out my train tickets in my local paper shop. There is a SEK 20 charge but still its a nice way to get ones train tickets.

I didnt see much of Västerås but in truth they didnt look like there was much going on. I could really hear the accent was different from Stockholm and was getting a bit ‘whiny’ as its not that far from the whining belts of Örebro.

Tonight I am back at Folkuniversitet, I really hope I get a class with decent people. My last one was ok to a point but when you are paying for lessons in your own time then my temper can get rather short, usually with swots or those who dont keep up!


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