Stockholm nightlife

I have not really been out that much at night since I have been here. When my mates from Cambridge came over we did explore a bit but I am not really an expert on it.

Jamie and Anil, two British expats based here found a cracking place last week called Cliff Barnes. They waxed lyrical about it and I was a bit dubious as even the most awful cesspits can be good if you have had enough to drink.

Its very near odenplan and we went on Saturday night.  It only opens from 11 and closes at one. It plays the most cheesiest music you can imagine, and its packed, 150 people capacity. There is no dance floor, people dance where they stand. I was sober on arrival which is not the right state to be in for such a venue. I would definitely recommend getting at least tipsy before you go.

Other plus points -it was free entry and the bouncers were actually well mannered and polite. Will definitely go again. Only negative was the price of booze SEK 98 for a large whisky and coke though I am told this isnt as high as certain places in Stureplan.

Dress code. I wouldnt bother. Nice jeans and a shirt will do, its so packed that other peoples drinks tend to fly everywhere so dont wear your best dress or jacket.

Todays Swedish word of the day is full-drunk (as in inebriated.)


New SATS gym in Stockholm

I have had a few weeks off running because of the injury I sustained. Yesterday afternoon I was feeling fat and thought right lets go to the gym.

SATS have opened a new gym fairly close to me its at Södra Station.

I have to say its very nice and they have obviously put a lot of cash into it but its like staying at a new hotel which is so new it isnt quite finished.

SATS Södra Station
Plus Points

Great machines
Very very clean
Friendly staff
Great TVs, they were showing the Hammarby Trelleborgs game.
Very spacious changing rooms

Minus Points
No numbers on the lockers
Not sure there are enough CV machines for peak periods. At least there are 8 treadmills though.
The showers were good but nowhere to hang the towel or anywhere to put soap, shampoo etc
They spelt Fitness Evas name wrong she is now known as Fitness Ewa!

To be fair these are minor gripes as its a nice gym. I dont really have the time to do lunchtime workouts at the moment so may look to do late evening workouts. Nice to have the option though.

Todays Swedish Word of the Day is omklådningsrum – changing room. Its a word I didnt know until yesterday


Here is a useful resource for those living in Sweden from abroad. Its a tables of clothing/shoe sizes from Swedish to UK and US.  I need to buy some running socks so apparently I am a size 40 sock and size 40 shoe!

Todays Swedish word of the Day is skor-shoes

Finally lost my virginity in Sweden

This is a post to make you blush. I wonder how many of you will carry on reading this despite the title.

Its true I finally lost my virginity in Sweden. I am not sure if I should write about this blog and agonised over it but felt what the hell. I am sure other people may be interested in this experience and thats what this blog is all about.

It was a few weeks back on a Friday night, I felt nervous and anxious as I walked to the address. I hadnt done this in 9 months, what if I had forgotten what to do, or what to say, this was really worrying me and I was quite stressed.

I found the street and slowly walked towards the block where I would do the dirty deed. Before I went in, I looked around furtively and dived in before anyone saw me. There was plenty to choose from and I settled on a nice black one from Tennessee, oh yes a nice bottle of Jack Daniels.

It cost about 25 quid and I didnt need to show any ID, which for Sweden rather surprised me.

Systembolaget is an odd place, its the government run off licence and the only place to buy decent wines and hard liquor. I love their raison d’etre:

‘Systembolaget, the Swedish Alcohol Retail Monopoly, exists for one reason only: To minimize alcohol-related problems by selling alcohol in a responsible way, without profit motive.’

Its true, there is no advertising and certainly no posters of James Bond sipping a Martini or any inducement to buy booze at all.

The Swedes seem very protective over Systembolaget. I had thought the governing Conservatives would have tried to sell it off but no apparently Swedes love it because they carry huge selections of wines and as the only buyer of wine they are all very educated and knowledgable on the different wines on offer.

The Jack Daniels tasted good but I overindulged of course.

So there you go, it took 9 months but I have now lost my Systembolaget virginity!

Swedish word of the day is Jungfru-virgin  This could also be classed as funny word as it literal means ‘young wife’!!!

I wish I was back in UK

Just for last night to have watched the mighty Swansea City beat the heathens from down the M4, Cardiff City. After 9 years of being the poor cousin a 1-0 win in the Carling Cup tastes sweet right now.

Swedish word of the day mål-goal

More funny Swedish words

I learnt a funny word today whilst doing my Swedish homework, its only funny if you are familiar with English slang words though.

The word is prick and is used in the following context. Vi ses prick fem! It simply means we will see each other at five sharp or five on the dot.

This does clear something up for me. Near the office is a cracking little unpretentious Thai restaurant, they do a cheap but delicious lunch menu. But the name of the restaurant is a little worrying for English speakers as its called Prick Thai which of course now translates to Thai food express or something i.e. on the dot or maybe thai food in a flash is better. They are super quick as it happens which is why I like them. However on looking for their website I discovered that prick is also a thai word for a pepper so may be a double meaning.

Anyway thats another funny word for you.

Todays Swedish Word of the Day is läxa -homework

If you are looking to learn Swedish online I can recommend the following Swedish language course review site

The Strange Case of Liberal Sweden

I was in for bit of a shock today. I went out for a walk and cut through Medborgaplatsen in Södermalm. I noticed a few animal rights protestors with a wallpapering table, posters and leaflets. To be honest I just assumed it was anti-vivasection or experimentation.

It was only on a second glance that I realised this was no ordinary protest. This was calling for the Swedish Goverment to outlaw…wait for it…. sex with animals!!!

Apparently it is legal here and in Denmark to have sex with animals. There were some rather ghastly photographs of bestiality on the posters. Yuck!

I am not sure why this is the case, I am hoping its some sort of legal loophole that has never been tied up. It must be surely?

I cannot understand how a country which publishes  15 pages of guidelines for dog owners that  regulate everything from air quality to access to sunlight and social contact for companion animals. Apparently the guidelines include how often dogs should get a walk and how long they can be left alone for.

Also there is strong legislation with regards prostitution in Sweden. For instance, the prostitute breaks no crime offering her services, the crime is on the guy who pays for it. So a prostitute is protected by government laws whereas animals arent?

If any readers know any more about this subject, as unsavoury as it is then I would be interested in your comments. I can understand most political directions but this one I cant fathom.